Hiking with other people can be stressful. You have to worry about keeping up with all of your athletic friends, and then stress out some more about whether or not everyone can tell that you’re totally out of breath after the first ten steps. It can be brutal, especially if you love walking in nature, but hate the pressure that comes with going on a long hike.

These beautiful trails all have a roundtrip distance of less than 8km, so the next time someone asks you to head out into the great outdoors, consider suggesting one of these nine relaxed hikes.

Photo cred- @claudiacasanova

1. Quarry Rock (4km)

A super relaxed yet rewarding hike, Quarry Rock is located in Deep Cove, only half an hour from Vancouver. Not only does it offer a wicked view from the top, but you also have the option of walking around Deep Cove afterwards and picking up some food at one of the cute little restaurants there.

Photo cred- @raychos

2. Lighthouse Park Trail (6km)

Only a 40 minute drive from Vancouver, this hike takes you through a beautiful forested park and ends at the lighthouse. However, if you only want to see the lighthouse without doing an entire trail first, there is also a short path that takes you straight to your destination.

Photo cred- @danielsobolic

3. Cypress Falls (3km)

Only 30 minutes outside of Vancouver is Cypress Falls, an easy trek that takes you past two breathtaking waterfalls and into the heart of the forest.

Photo cred- @zuziazdziechowski

4. Kanaka Creek Cliff Falls (4km)

Perfect for if you plan on having a picnic during your hike, Kanaka Creek has tons of areas to stop and relax. With perfect views of the waterfalls and rapids, you can't go wrong with this hike that's only an hour away from Vancouver.

Photo cred- @liangli1983

5. Burnaby Mountain (7.5km)

Familiar to many SFU students, this mountain has several trails which makes it the perfect place for beginners to get started. Choose routes that are as long or as short as you can handle, and if you get tired, just keep walking a little bit longer until you get to the coffee shops and cafes nearby. Only a 35 minute drive from Vancouver.

Photo cred- @physioworksbc

6. Mystery Lake (3km)

Perhaps one of the easiest hikes mentioned so far, this short trail is 50 minutes from Vancouver. Bring a bathing suit, because if you get too hot while you're out adventuring you can always stop and swim in the lake for a bit.

Photo cred- @adam_nich

7. Little Goat Mountain (5.5km)

This slightly more challenging hike is only half an hour away, making it perfect for a last minute day trip. Although it involves walking uphill a bit more than the previously mentioned trails do, the view from the top makes it all worth it.

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