It's summertime, but not for much longer... Get your fix of sangria while you still can. There are some great places around town that offer sweet deals on these heavenly drinks. So if you are trying to get the biggest bang for your buck, check out these bars and restaurants.

It's hard not to like an alcoholic beverage that tastes this good. All of these places don't just sell them cheap, they make them flavourful and strong. Red and white and everything in between. You can skip the smoothie because this'll be your daily fruit requirement the rest of the summer.

1. Steamworks Brewing Company // 375 Water St

This may be the best deal in the city. $5.99 for a glass of the Steamworks Sangria on Sundays and $2 off fishbowls on Saturdays. Perfect place on the weekend to drink Sangria, plus the ambiance is chill.

2. The Beaver // 1018 Granville St

This place is known to have some of the cheaper drinks in the city. They have both red and white sangria. Both are $8.25 for a glass and 26.25 for a pitcher, but don't worry, the servings are quite large.

3. The Foundation // 2301 Main St (Permanently Closed)

The sangria here is loaded with fruit. These guys always have great reviews and their nachos go great with your fruitilicous drink.

Photo cred - @vivivianle

4. Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar // 601 W Cordova St

Sangria fishbowls are $2 off everyday for happy hour from 3 pm to 6 pm, putting the price around $14. The drinks are really strong and the food is super tasty here so you are bound to have a good time.

5. Caffè Brixton // 212 E Georgia St

A very cute little spot with great drinks. Their sake sangria is about as good as it gets and is a really good price - $4.50 for a glass, $16.95 for a jug. Comes in either red or white.

6. Havana // 1212 Commercial Dr

They have five amazing sangria combinations. This is no doubt the place to go if you are a sangria fanatic. It's certainly not the cheapest, but it is about as fruity and as alcoholic as they come.

7. Ebisu // 827 Bute St

This is a really fun Japanese restaurant. They have a really good sangria pitcher deal for $20. Not everyday you mix this summer drink with Japanese cuisine.

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