Lets be honest, the idea of cliff jumping sounds incredible and exhilarating but is definitely not for the easily frightened. So if you have zero nervous bones in your body or you just want to get over your fear of heights, cliff jumping is for you.

It starts with the climb to the top of the cliff, then the staring down into the cold frigid water below you, charting out your jumping plans. Then the jump! And for two short seconds you feel yourself falling, and oh what a feeling that is.

All of these places are incredible and offer more then just cliff jumping so make a day of it. But whatever you do, bring a towel and some beers, you're going to need it to warm up between jumps.

Here is a list of 8 best places to go cliff jumping near Vancouver this summer:

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1. Lynn Canyon, The Circuit

One of the more popular cliff jumping spot in Vancouver, just a short drive or a nice bike ride up to North Van and your there. I have to urge major caution with this one, its dangerous and can be deadly so I recommend going with someone who has some experience so they can show you the ropes. If you can't muster up enough courage you can always hang at the icy cold watering hole instead. Perfect on a hot summer day.

Photo cred - @robot_androidson

2. Pool 99

The drop is about 20 feet, making this a good spot for beginners who want to start with something small. Located right at the bottom of a mountain bike trail in Lynn Canyon, this is another popular spot with the locals. I suggest riding your bike up here but if you drive, park your car somewhere in a nearby neighbourhood instead of right in front of the gate. To get here, head to the very end of Riverside Road, about 50 meters from the end of the road is a large gate, hop the gate walk down the stairs and you are there. Remember to be respectful of the people who live nearby.

Photo Cred - @jdelzinga

3. Capilano Granny's Cove

One of my personal favourites but still terrifying AF for a newbie to cliff jumping. This one is pretty close to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, there are about 4 cliffs to jump from but if you get creative I'm sure you can find more. This one is definitely a good place to start if you have never been cliff jumping before. It's safe, there is lots of room to jump and the water is deep.

Photo cred - @samgalloo

4. Lions Bay

Safe to say this is the most popular place to cliff jump in Vancouver. Not the easiest to find so go with a friend who has been there before to show you the way. Once you arrive you will be greeted by spectacular views and a 60 foot drop into the salty ocean water. Definitely a warmer spot to jump then the frigid North Van rivers.

Photo cred - @michellezunino

5. Lighthouse Park

This is a great spot to just hang in the afternoons/evening in the summer. The west facing rocks make for long hot summer days. The best jumping in is at Juniper Point, on the west side on the lighthouse. The cliffs range in height from 10 to 60 feet, making this a great spot for first timers and pros alike.

Photo cred - @danianosborne

7. Brohm Lake

If you wanna get out of town for the day, Brohm Lake is just north of Squamish and is an amazing spot for hiking, swimming and cliff jumping. The trek out to the cliffs is an adventure on its own, pathways get narrow at certain points and you'll be reaching for branches to get you across. Not far from the parking lot is a cool little rope swing, and just past that you will the best spot to cliff jump, with drops from 20 to 4o feet.

Photo cred - @officialcollegetourist

8. Green Lake

A little further north in Whistler you can find some great spots to jump at Green Lake. Cliffs range from 20-40+ feet. You'd be surprised that the water temperature isn't as chilling as you might think, but bring a towel to keep warm between dips (You'll thank me later). To get here, drive north towards Pemberton from Squamish, cross over the first steel bridge, turn sound along the logging road. Drive to the end of the road and walk about 1km down the train tracks. Once you find the lake you are there!

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