It's a lazy Sunday afternoon and you and your girls have not a worry in the world. Your Friday night hangover is already cured from your stay-in-bed Saturday, and Monday hasn't quite arrived yet so you want to make your weekend last.

So may I suggest an afternoon graced with rose water pistachio macarons and creamy earl grey, blueberry lemon scones and Devonshire cream? Mmmm...cream. Why not take your best friends out for a classy and elegant afternoon having high tea (or perhaps more correctly, afternoon tea)?

Here are 8 cute and classy places in Vancouver that you and your girlfriends can go to for a fancy afternoon of tea. So in the tradition of elegance and high English society, pinkies up ladies!

1. Ladurée // 1141 Robson St.

Fresh from France, the recently opened Ladurée has received a copious amount of hype with line-ups flooding out its doors to the end of the city block. But much deserved, this classy Parisian tea room flies each and every single one of their dainty macarons fresh from France, and is committed to the French tradition of beauty and elegance. Serving up a taste of Paris in their cozy but Louis XVI inspired tea salon, why not let yourself eat some cake?

2. Neverland Tea Salon // 3066 West Broadway St.

With quirky and whimsical decor, this cute little tea salon offers an array of delicious finger sandwiches, and drool-worthy scones and desserts. But that's not even the best part, a bottomless tea-pot option with an abundant selection of green, white, black, fruity, herbal, and Oolong teas will have you chatting with your girlfriends until closing.

(P.S. You cannot leave this place without buying a bag of Heavenly Cream. One of the best earl greys I have had in Vancouver)

3. Adonia Tea House // 2057 West 41st Ave.

Royal Doultons and Royal Alberts, this tea house has the traditional old-world English atmosphere to a tea (ha, get it?!). Using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to whip up their tasty finger foods and dainty desserts, if it's not Adonia's English charm that melts your heart, their melt-in-your-mouth scones definitely will. And don't forget to try their unique fruity tea blends! My personal favourite is their Bananorama.

4. L'Oprea Patisserie // 5951 Minoru Blvd.

Draped by deep velvety red Rococo walls and curtains, this tea salon makes you feel as if you were having afternoon tea in the drawing rooms of the haute bourgeoisie, but with a modern updated menu. From classic French macarons to whiskey hazelnut ice cream filled butter almond croissants, L'Opera Patisserie will probably make you an afternoon tea addict.

5. Soirette // 1433 West Pender St.

Why not have a soiree with your girls at Soirette? Okay, maybe you can't have afternoon tea in the evening because that completely defeats the purpose of "afternoon" tea, but Soirette really does have some of the best macarons that you will probably sneak home for a midnight snack. With seasonal cakes and macarons made only with the finest ingredients and only with love, Soirette will have you rendezvousing your girlfriends over tea all the time. (Oh, and PSA, with Mid-Autumn Festival coming up, they have their seasonal Cookie Dough Mooncake Collection available!)

photo cred - @yixinmajessie

6. Audrey Moment Afternoon Tea & Cafe // 5640 Burlington Ave.

An acoustic maple stand up piano, a vintage typewriter and minion macarons, what do they have in common? Nothing. But at Audrey Moment, the classy but quirky menu and decor definitely welcomes crowds with it's own kind of charm. Honey toast, high tea, waffles and ice cream, and rainbow colored lattes. Classy and quirky - maybe that's why its' called "Audrey Moment".

photo cred - @hellohanju

7. Capilano Tea House & Botanical Soda Co. // 221 Abbott St.

The unique Indigenous-owned and true traditionally locally inspired Capilano Tea House is the intersection between Indigenous Canadian treats and classic high tea sweets. With tea services named "Wild Meats and Treats" and "Plant-Lovers" offering elk empanadas and candied salmon, avocado flatbread and chia tea pudding, you can be sure that whatever your dietary preferences, you will not be disappointed.

8. Patisserie Für Elise // 847 Hamilton St.

Tucked away in the lesser known streets just off the edge of Yaletown is this little hidden gem. Serving French pastries and afternoon tea in their Queen Anne-style Victorian heritage home, their sweet and cozy classics definitely have a special place in my heart, and I'm sure they'll make their way to yours too.

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