The Richmond Night Market is home to all kinds of things, ranging from cute necessities like blankets and mugs, to obscure items like shirts featuring a collage of pictures of Justin Trudeau.

However, if wearing your Prime Minister’s face on your body isn’t really your thing, the market also has some of the most amazing food you could ever hope to find in a single spot.

There’s hundreds of different vendors serving all kinds of meals, but by far the best out of all of these are the ones that serve dessert. If you’re looking to step up your dessert game, try one of these dishes this summer:

Photo cred - @eggletparfait

1. Egglet Parfait

Not only does it look extravagant, but it tastes amazing, too. It's essentially a bubble waffle rolled in to a cone shape, with a scoop of ice cream in the middle and an assortment of toppings, depending on which one you get. Choose from taro, cookies and cream, mango, and more.

Photo cred- @heartfood_yvr

2. Mango and Strawberry Shaved Ice

Choose from mango, strawberry, or strawberry and mango shaved ice. For only $7 you receive a massive bowl of shaved ice that is almost too much for one person to eat. Perfect to share with a friend or a date.

Photo cred- @damndeezy

3. Ice Cane

It's basically exactly what it sounds like. It's a crunchy, cane-shaped pastry filled all the way through with ice cream. All the satisfaction of eating an ice cream cone, without the mess.

Photo cred- @jaymidaily

4. Rotato

Significantly more exciting than a regular potato, these bad boys are cut into one long swirl and then rolled in a flavour of your choice.

Photo cred- @richmondnightmarket

5. Taiyaki

Probably the cutest dessert you'll ever encounter, these little guys are fish-shaped and stuffed with a filling of your choice. They're so adorable that you'll feel guilty the whole time you're eating it, but so delicious that you won't stop.

Photo cred- @richmondnightmarket

6. Raindrop Cakes

A recent internet fad that you can finally try for yourself! These mysterious little desserts showed up online a few months ago and immediately sent the internet into a frenzy. Pick one up and see what all the hype is about.

Photo cred- @richmondnightmarket

7. Candied Fruit

It's fruit, but made in a way that takes away most of the things that makes fruit healthy. It's super tasty though, so who even cares?

Photo cred- @vanfoodventure

8. A Smoking Mocktail

They're completely non-alcoholic, which means you can have as many as you want with no regrets. There's tons of flavours to choose from, each one coming in a cool cup that leaks out (totally safe) smoke.

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