Beautiful British Columbia. We have an incredible outdoor playground here in BC and the Sea to Sky area is home to some of the best scenery in the world. With so many breathtaking hikes (literally) to do near Whistler and Squamish, you definitely won't be bored this summer.

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Escape the world, explore the wilderness, get a good workout, and even a fresh new Insta pic. It's a win-win situation. No matter your hiking background, there is something for everyone.

All times and distances are round-trip. Here are 11 incredible hikes for every level of fitness for you to do on your next weekend getaway.


Hike to the base

Hike to the viewpoint

1. Brandywine Falls // Squamish

After a short hike (more of a walk) to the viewpoint, you are at a stunning 70 meter waterfall.

If you're feeling more adventurous, try the hike to the base. Walk to the end of the Brandywine Falls lookout path and keep going once the trail ends. Follow a small, unmarked trail to the left of the fence that goes right into the woods. The base hike takes 1 to 2 hours.

Distance: 1 km

Time: 0.5 hours

Elevation Gain: Minimal

Season: Year-round

2. Nairn Falls // Pemberton

Nairn Falls is an easy and short hike that leads to a stunning waterfall. The scenic trail also runs alongside a beautiful turquoise river. Tons of photo ops await.

Distance: 3 km

Time: 1 - 1.5 hours

Elevation: Minimal

Season: Year-round

3. Cheakamus Lake // Whistler

This is a longer hike but a relaxing one that easily gets you deep into the wilderness. Enjoy surreal views of a turquoise lake surrounded by mountains and trees.

Distance: 16 km

Time: 3 - 5 hours

Elevation Gain: Minimal

Season: May - November


South (First) Peak

North (Third) Peak

4. The Chief // Squamish

The Chief is a BC hike staple and it's not hard to see why. The view of Howe Sound at the top is breathtaking to say the least.

You can choose which of the peaks to do depending on your time and interests, or you can do all three. The first and second peak offer the most clear views of the Sea to Sky, but check out the third peak if you're wanting to see more of the town of Squamish.

Distance: 3km - 11 km depending on which peak

Time: 1.5 - 5 hours depending on which peak

Elevation Gain: 600 metres

Season: March - November

Upper Joffre Lake

5. Joffre Lakes // Pemberton

Joffre is one of the most incredible hikes in all of BC and is comprised of three lakes. Each of the three lakes is breathtaking, but hiking all three and finishing at Upper Joffre Lake is the best way to go.

The lakes are currently still mostly frozen over, but anyone can still hike the trails and admire the frozen beauty of Joffre Lakes.

Distance: 11 km

Time: 3 - 5 hours

Elevation Gain: 400 meters

Season: June - October


Garibaldi in the summer

Photo cred - @eeedubs

Garibaldi in May

6. Garibaldi Lake // Whistler

Garibaldi Lake is the base to many of the best hikes in the Whistler area, and is itself a beauty to marvel at. The water is the purest shade of turquoise and surrounded by alpine mountains and a glacier. There is also a large camping area here.

Distance: 9 km

Time: 3 - 6 hours

Elevation Gain: 820 meters

Season: June - October

7. Elfin Lakes // Squamish

Elfin Lakes is made up of two crystal clear lakes located in a picturesque alpine setting.

Distance: 22 km

Time: 4 - 6 hours

Elevation Gain: 600 meters

Season: July - October


Photo cred – @sprintervanlife 

8. Panorama Ridge

The view from Panorama Ridge is one of the prettiest sights I've ever seen in all of Canada. Although long and relatively steep, the trek up the mountain is accompanied by scenic viewpoints, idyllic streams, flower meadows, and vast forests.

Many people complete this trail in a day but due to the long distance and high elevation gain, some hikers prefer to camp overnight at Garibaldi Lake or Taylor Meadows and hike to Panorama Ridge the next day.

Distance: 30 km

Time: 8 - 11 hours

Elevation Gain: 1520 meters

Season: July - October

9. Wedgemount Lake // Whistler

Nicknamed Whistler's Grouse Grind, Wedgemount Lake boasts a spectacular alpine setting. Although it can be easily completed in a day, many stay the night on one of the many wooden tent platforms available, to see the sky filled with stars above the mountain peaks. Talk about a scenic sleepover.

Distance: 14 km

Time: 5 - 7 hours

Elevation Gain: 1160 meters

Season: July - October

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