Shout out to all the long-time veggie veterans out there who have stayed dedicated to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. But for all us veggie life beginners, we need a little encouragement.

Sometimes keeping up with a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle can be tough, stuck eating Yves veggie burgers and tofurkey. But with these amazing Vancouver vegan and vegetarian restaurants, they keep the game exciting and delicious.

So whether you've been a vegan or vegetarian for 10 years or 10 days, here are a few of Vancouver's best veggie joints:

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1. MELU Juice & Raw Bar // 1110 W Pender St.

Delivering the highest quality pure, raw, vegan and gluten-free meals, smoothies and desserts, MELU will probably convert your carnivorous habits to living that all-raw-all-vegan-everything lifestyle (at least while you're there anyway).

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2. SMAK // 1139 West Pender St.

The modest little self-acclaimed healthy fast food shop has got you covered from vegan, to vegetarian, to bacon-arian. With their Veggie SMAK Hash and Quinoa Pots, SMAK is your quick stop to happy, healthy, and yummy eating.

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3. The Naam  //  2724 West 4th Ave

UBC kids probably already know about this joint as their go-to 3AM spot for some fries drenched in The Naam's famous Miso Gravy. And for all the vegan/vegetarians out there, The Naam has been voted one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Vancouver and always offers unique and delicious veg dishes.

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4. Nice Vice // 1022 Mainland St. (PERMANENTLY CLOSED)

The words "cream" and "vegan" do not go together, unless you're at Nice Vice. Using only organic plant-based products, you can enjoy 100% dairy, soy, allergen, GMO and cholesterol-free "vice-cream"! Indulge in your deepest, darkest vices without the guilt.

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5. Chau Veggiexpress // 1689 Johnston St.

Chow down at Chau Veggiexpress! But seriously though, probably some of the best vegan and vegetarian food in Vancouver. With their roots in Vietnamese cuisine, Chau makes vegetarian...Asian. Oh, and don't forget to order a Vietnamese Ice Coffee while you're there - allegedly the best thing on the menu.

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6. Meet On Main // 4288 Main St.

Fries on steroids and sweet chili cauliflower, Meet On Main puts regular comfort food to shame. With the ironic restaurant name, a hipster vibe and vegan regulars, you will probably come out of Meet a changed man...or of course woman.

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7. Heirloom // 1509 West 12th Ave.

The perfect brunch does not have to include bacon, eggs or ham. With Heirloom Vegetarian's dedication to fresh, local and fair-trade ingredients that you can taste, their vegan and vegetarian menus will not disappoint a single taste bud.

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8. The Acorn // 3995 Main St.

And if you need more of that vegan/vegetarian goodness in your brunch, The Acorn has it. Especially with $4 mimosas between 10AM and 2:30PM every Saturday and Sunday until the end of summer, no matter how un-vegetarian you are, you couldn't possibly say no.

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9. The Foundation // 2301 Main St. (PERMANENTLY CLOSED)

Finally, I know I probably write about this place way more than I should, but it's simply just too good. You legit cannot go wrong with their super-sized nacho plate. Oozing with melted cheese and fully-loaded with black beans, jalapeños, and whatever else makes the thing taste so damn good, it makes being a vegetarian so effortless. And with that sangria...JUST YAASS!!

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