Is a little cold weather going to deter a Pacific North Westerner like yourself from getting your hike on? In the immortal words of Cher Horowitz, "as if!!"

Yeah, yeah, Mother Nature pulled a fast one on us this year and I can still hear Toronto laughing at us but too often Vancouverites don't get exposed to the winter wonderland that we've been "blessed" with this year and the mountains are our only shot at experiencing the snow all year.

So throw on those long johns and that extra top coat, Vancouver. Here's a list of the best winter hikes to try in BC!

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Dog Mountain Trail // Mount Seymour

Dog-friendly (duh). This trail hardly has an incline and is the best place to take a date where you can show off that you're an outdoorsy type without messing up your hair.

Difficulty: basic AF

Total distance: 5km

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Quarry Rock // North Vancouver

Chances are you've seen a picture on Instagram of someone at the top of Quarry Rock. This hike shouldn't take more than 45 minutes unless you try to take a picture where it looks like you're the only one at the peak among the 500 other locals.

Difficulty: basic AF

Total distance: 3.8km

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The Chief // Squamish

Strap on your crampons and use the chains and ropes provided to pretend you're in the Himalayas during this winter hike. Think the view is nice? It's even better in person.

Difficulty: the struggle is real

Total distance: 11km

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Garibaldi Lake // Squamish

Preferred in the summer with a glacier fed lake at the top to have your victory dive in but still a great hike to do in any season. You may not decide to camp in the winter so avoid peaking at Black Tusk.

Difficulty: the struggle is real

Total distance: 18km

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Goat Mountain // Grouse Mountain

This trail is the GOAT. The aptly named trail received its name before we millennials assigned the term but it does fit nicely. You are the GOAT. You just hiked The Grind and now you're about to take on Goat Mountain. Just look at that snowbank. Don't you feel like you could just melt in it?

Difficulty: the struggle is real

Total distance: 8km

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Rainbow Lake // Whistler

Another year round hike, probably best to avoid in the summer anyway because the lake is used for Whistler's water supply but it looks too enticing to not want to go swimming in. Problems resisting? Use winter as your shield.

Difficulty: the struggle is real

Total distance: 16km

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Mount Finlayson // Victoria

To quote island-raised fitness instructor, Cody Wilson, "Uh, Mt. Finny is not intermediate. It's hard." Thank you for those words, Mr. Wilson. You know this one is going to kick you a$$ when a fitness instructor...who's job it is to work out...says it's hard.

Difficulty: no chill

Total distance: 4km


Harrison Grind // Fraser Valley

The Grouse Grind's younger sister who lives in the Fraser Valley. Dog-friendly so that you have a reason to live while climbing this bitch.

Difficulty: no chill

Total distance: 7km

Dogtooth Traverse // Golden

Don't let the gondola ride and resort fool you. This trail has no chill. Passing by the canyons and creeks will give you a chance to forget about how much your glutes burn, though.

Difficulty: no chill

Total distance: 16km

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