Forget the highway to hell; this surreal B.C. airtram will take you straight there this fall.

Two and a half hours from Vancouver, you can ride Hell's Gate Airtram, which is one of the steepest fully suspended trams in North America.

It gets its unique name because, in 1808, explorer Simon Fraser apparently said "no man should ever pass through here it was truly like passing through the Gates of Hell!"

On this thrilling ride, you'll fly over Fraser River's most turbulent section, where 750 million litres of water rush through.

Tickets are $30.99 and include a roundtrip ride, plus access to the museum, suspension bridge and observation decks.

Hell's Gate Airtram

Price: $30.99

Address: 43111 Trans-Canada Hwy., Boston Bar, BC 

Why You Need To Go: You can soar through the sky and look down safely at the rushing water.

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