Move over winter, we're over you. Who else is with me on this one? While the official first day of Spring 2018 is just a little over a month away, I'm hoping that yesterday's snow in Vancouver marked the end of a winter that we're ready to put away. 

And in honour of spring, of course, it's about time we mentioned that BC's biggest tulip festival will be back in full bloom very soon!

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The Abbotsford Tulip Festival will be returning the Fraser Valley this spring and it's going to be absolutely beautiful. With thousands of tulips in multitudes of colours growing row by row, you'll soon be able to frolick around in a springtime dream.

The Tulip Festival even allows you to pick your own bouquet of flowers among the fields, or you can buy a bundle of their artfully curated, freshly cut tulip bouquets so you can bring a little it of spring back home with you.

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Even our fave Vancouverite on Riverdale and Altered Carbon, Hayley Law, is a fan of the tulip fields.

We recommend purchasing tickets in advance online as they are much cheaper than purchasing at the gate. Weekend general admission tickets are $15, and weekday tickets are $8. For those who are next level excited, there is a special magic hour pass, which gives you sunrise access to the fields (a.k.a. the golden hours for photos). The pass costs $13 on weekdays and $25 on weekends. 

Festival opening and ticket release dates will be available this spring, so keep your eyes peeled for more info soon!

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