Nothing is worse than waking up on a Saturday morning and realizing you didn't make any plans to take advantage of the weekend. Vancouver's summer is too short for you to not take advantage of it! BC's easy waterfall hike close to Vancouver is easy to squeeze in last-minute any weekend this summer and it's one of the most amazing falls you'll ever see!

Brandywine Falls Provincial Park is just an hour and a half drive from Vancouver on the Sea to Sky towards Whistler. Once you're there, it's a short hike to reach the falls so even the least outdoorsy people can be treated to this spectacular view. Plus, there are other trails in the area if you're keen to go explore even more! 

The best way to see the falls is to follow the Brandywine Falls Trail until you reach the viewing platform. The falls are a staggering 70 m tall! There's a lake nearby, too and a picnic area so you could even make a day of it at this amazing park.

Why the name Brandywine? It's rumoured that a pair of surveyors who worked for the railway decided to bet who could most closely guess how tall the falls were for a bottle of brandy, AKA Brandywine.

Like you would on any hike, you'll definitely want to bring your own water since there isn't any portable water in the park. Sticking your head under the falls for a drink is not recommended. There's a large parking lot nearby and the walk to the falls is super chill so this place has to be on your bucket list because it's so easy to fit into your busy summer!


Brandywine Falls Provincial Park

Price: Free! 

Address: Whistler, BC V0N 0A0

Why you need to go: A super easy hike to fit into your busy summer and the falls are incredibly beautiful!


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