Foodies, the wait is over. The Richmond Night Market officially opened this past weekend and it did not disappoint. This year, there are a staggering 120 vendors slinging over 600 delicious offerings. It's simply impossible to try everything. Whether you're looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, eat food out of your comfort zone or find a new summertime classic—you have to check out the Richmond Night Market ASAP.

Here are some of the most amazing offerings at the festival this year:

Rainbow Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Say Cheeeese Toast

Reminds me of Nyan Cat! This Instagram-worthy sandwich is definitely going to be Vancouver's food of the summer.

Nori Taco from Nori Express

Because you're so over poke bowls, move onto what is basically a sushi taco? 

Churros With Ice Cream And Crazy Toppings From Pancho's Bakery

Don't make the heartbreaking choice between ice cream and doughnuts ever again.


Fried Apple Fries With Whipped Cream From Two Sweet Guys

Anything can be a french fry.

Cheesecake-Covered Strawberry Mochi from Asomi Mochi

*Almost* too beautiful to eat!

Deep Fried Onion Flower from Tsuga Fry House

Just a heads up, if you eat this deliciousness will have hardly any room left in your tummy so share this with friends!

Taro Milk Tea In A Baby Bottle From Milk Cha

Cute? Definitely. Delicious? Yes. Weird to actually drink from a bottle again? Maybe. 

Pho Fries, Japa Fries* And Spicy Kimchi Fries From Fries And Things

In the spirit of poutine but with Asian flavours, you need to get these fries ASAP.

The Richmond Night Market is open now! You can visit Friday, Saturday and Sunday and they're also open on any stat holidays. They're open from 7 PM until late. This year, admission is $4.75 per person but you can get an express pass that gives you six entries for you and your friends for $28. 

*This content has been updated. 

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