We're never going to get over the adorableness that happens when French Bulldogs race in Vancouver! In addition to all the cuteness happening at the Hastings Race Track this year, what with their corgi races and all, there's going to be another amazing dog race event this summer and it's happening right downtown. Pet-A-Palooza is bringing a "Running of the Bulls" you won't want to miss it!

There will be multiple races at this amazing Pet Festival including French bulldogs, English bulldogs, and Wiener dogs. As if you weren't already planning to go, there's also a puppy stampede. You can bring your own dog to watch the races or even enter your thoroughbred racer.

The race is only 30 feet long so it's an all-out sprint to the finish line! You won't know whether to laugh or go "aww" watching these tiny, fury racers compete. 

Even though it's a race, the competition is pretty friendly. At previous events, the puppy stampede doesn't always go as planned since the pups are a little distracted but the hilarity that ensues is so worth it. Who will be the big wiener? Which bulldog will reign supreme? You'll have to come on race day to find out!

Dog-lovers and owners will definitely want to check out Pet-A-Palooza because it's the biggest pet festival on the West Coast. You'll get to see a bunch of vendors, meet other dog parents and watch plenty of dog races!


When: Sunday, August 25 from 11 AM to 4 PM

Price: Free!

Address: Yaletown, 1100 Mainland Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2T9

Why you need to go: This massive pet festival features adorable dog races from bulldogs, wiener dogs and puppies!


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