One of the sweetest events of the year looks to return for its eighth year - the Vancouver 2018 Hot Chocolate Festival. This year looks to be better than ever, with 35 participants boasting 75 different flavours over 26 days. The event runs from January 20th to February 14th, ending on the most romantic (or Hallmark-y, if you'd like) day of the year.

To celebrate the return of another sweet, chocolatey festival, we've selected the top 12 drinks of the festival based on their unique and creative flavours. So without further ado!

1. Hot Chocolate Chaga // Eternal Abundance Organic Market & Cafe

Truly unique and what one can only think would be surprisingly comforting, their drink is made of BC Wild Chaga mushrooms.

2. El Dorado // Bella Gelateria

Take your white chocolate, but caramelize it until its golden. Then make it with Avalon organic milk and serve with leche-flavoured shortbread. Yum!

3. Trixie's A Hipster // Mink Chocolates

Ganache hot chocolate made with a fresh avocado. Whoever this Trixie is, we get it, you're a millennial.

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4. Bier Belly // Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionary

The bier belly takes a new twist by serving milk hot chocolate with beer caramel - perfect for the craft beer enthusiast!

5. Wascally Wabbit // Bel Cafe

Carrot cake hot chocolate gets mixed with blonde chocolate, spices and carrot crema. Sounds like double the dessert to me.

6. Dark Chocolate Love Potion // Baggio Gelateria & Pizzeria

A drink that's actually more martini than chocolate, it's served in a martini glass with liquid chocolate, vodka and creme de cacao. Sounds like a mean one.

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7. The Campfire // Cartems Donuts

A fully vegan offering, it's mixed with two different kinds of chocolate and almond milk, served with marshmallow fluff and a graham cracker.

8. Off the Beet'N Patt // Chez Christophe

A unique mix of white chocolate and black sesame, the drink is then finished with a fresh beet sauce.

9. At The Movies // Chez Christophe

Here's another interesting pick. The drink is served with milk chocolate, popcorn-infused whipped cream, corn nut sprinkles and caramel sauce.

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10. Dulcelicious // Earnest Ice Cream

Dulce De Leche hot chocolate is served with whipped cream. It's only made better with a side of bourbon peach ice cream and oat crumble topping.

11. Indiana Jones And The Valley Of The Lost Rare Chocolate // Gem Chocolates

Acclaimed to be the world's rarest and most sublime chocolate, Gem is using the "Maranon Fortunato No. 4" chocolate. A chocolate apparently as difficult to find as the title is to say.

12. A Nonconformist Plea For An Imaginary Summer // Koko Monk Chocolates

Mixing tomato and raspberry white hot chocolate with rose creates a combo that seems nearly as quirky and perplexing as the drinks name.

Honourable Mention:

Skinny Girl // James' Gelato At Mahony & Sons

Mixing white wines - Riesling and Sauv. Blanc - with organic chocolate and hits of cherry creates a mixture that's just as likely to be seen at basic girl brunch.

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