Add a little extra sparkle to your day! You'll definitely want to discover this hidden gem in Vancouver, that is overflowing with treasures like polished stones and geodes. At this B.C. shop, you can search for sparkling gemstones, and it is seriously so much fun.

The Crystal Ark in Granville Island has so much eye candy; you can easily spend hours browsing. The store told Narcity they have a vast selection of gems, geodes and other types of stones, and they're all available for purchase.

While some people are drawn to the shop to get some healing crystals, like pink rose quartz or purple amethyst, that isn't all there is. You'll also find jewelry, and even shimmering gemstones that are perfect for decorating your bookcase.

Without a doubt, our favourite spot is the enchanting crystal garden. It looks like something out of a fantasy world, and you won't believe your eyes the first time you see it.

Within the garden, you'll find a mountain of stones in every colour of the rainbow. They vary in all shapes and colours, and it can be fun to go with your friends to see which treasure everyone picks.

Will your best friend grab a similar rock to you? Or will you pick something radically different?

Compared to simply picking an item off the shelf, searching in the crystal garden to find the perfect stone is way more exciting.

You'll need to get down on your knees and dig with your hands, though!

Thankfully it isn't nearly as much work as visiting a mine, but you'll still feel super successful when you find a gem you love.

Even better, unlike visiting a jewellery store, a visit here won't break the bank.

This shop has mega-affordable prices, with items starting at just $0.50! For prices that low, you can totally fill your shopping cart, without any guilt about overspending.

Right now, the gorgeous store is closed due to COVID-19, but you can still shop online.

Crystal Ark told Narcity that they aim to re-open the store this summer.

The Crystal Ark

Address: 1496 Cartwright St., Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: Finding a special gem has never been so easy! Even better, an afternoon here won't break the bank.

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