Easter is just around the corner, and it definitely brings back nostalgic memories of childhood Easter egg scavenger hunts - which got me thinking. Why not do a Vancouver scavenger hunt?

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There are tons of super cool underrated places to go discover and plenty of well-known spots you should have already gone to, like last year.

If you're down for an adventure, grab your BFF, your S/O or your entire squad and go conquer this ultimate Vancouver scavenger hunt!

via @sammmwts

1. This plant wonderland

via @abdikid

2. This "island" to grab a couple beers and get drunk on


3. This cool glass building

via @__rayuela__

4. This garden sanctuary in the middle of the city

via @junipervancouver

5. This incredible pineapple drink

via @carajourdan

6. This technicolor wall to take a sick Instagram shot

via @coreyleedesigns

7. This to-die-for Whiskey Bacon Donut

via @kanyonce

8. This garden cafe hidden smack dab in the middle of downtown

via @madeehall

9. This bookworm's heaven

via @mewantojoin

10. This 6-patty-2-grilled-cheese-mac-n-cheese-poutine-and-milkshake eating challenge

via @bellajaneee

11. This famous pink wall

via @knowwhere.van

12. These colossal waffle milkshakes

via @whatmyphonesees

13. This abstract statue

via @rwhotelgeorgia

14. This boujee garden summer patio to dress up at

via @thiswestcoastlife

15. This hotel bar with $1.50 beers to get really wasted at

via @kia.sadri

16. This breathtaking viewpoint

via @catalinabanuleasa

17. And this one

via @theparlouryaletown

18. This over-the-top $80 punch bowl

via @elika.in.love

19. This pop of colour in a downtown alley way

via @eronsmiss

20. This fancy absinthe fountain to share with your squad

via @jemappellekel

21. This indoor tropical sanctuary

via @sakina238

22. This green rooftop

via @jenicabennett

23. This Volcano Bowl at this "shameful" bar

via @thehungrycouple.yvr

24. This Mexican style cheese fondue

via @tlchessa

25. This "secret" beach to go for a long romantic walk

via @meanjean81

26. This fried chicken at the Cambodian restaurant with a cult following

via @thediamondgastown

27. The bar with this adorable Gastown view

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