This is Pitt Meadow's best kept secret. This secret spot in Pitt Meadows is to-die-for, and you're going to want to drag your whole crew out here this weekend. This swimming hole and waterfall is located out in Pitt Meadows near Pitt Lake. This is the perfect hidden spot to trek out to with your crew. Grab a couple kayaks or a big canoe and adventure out to the Widgeon Valley National Wildlife Park.

Start by driving over the Pitt River bridge, and quickly hang a left onto Old Dewdney Trunk Rd. Follow this until the road's end and turn left onto Harris Rd. Follow Harris until McNeil Rd and then hang a right. Turn left onto Rannie Rd and follow this until you reach Pitt Lake Canoe Adventures

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If you have your own canoe then you can set off on your adventure from here. But, if you're lacking in the canoe department, like moi, then you can definitely rent from this locally owned rental shop. Head directly across the Pitt River and follow Widgeon Creek upward. Once you hit a fork in the river, stay to the left and keep on paddling! Before you know it, you'll find yourself at the Widgeon Creek campsite. From here you will find signage for the short hike to the falls!  

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If that wasn't enough, don't forget that there's a campsite at the falls! Pack up a tent and backpack full of food and stay overnight with your S.O. This could be a completely romantic weekend getaway.

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