Tuesday is one of the tougher days in the week. You're not even close to Friday - hell, you're not even at hump day yet - and you're more than likely still complaining about how short your weekend was. So what you need, is some fun. And maybe also some fright. Mix that in with some friends, and make it cheap. But we're not talking about a scary movie.

One of Vancouver's best (and not to mention scariest) escape rooms, Krakit Escape Game, hosts $14 games every Tuesday night! Nearly half off from their regular price of $25, it's an awesome way to spend a Tuesday night - and it's barely more expensive than a movie.

Via Krakit Escape Game

From what it looks like - you've got some of the scariest games available. One game, called Asylum places the participants a sterile, white emergency room. Participants have been found criminally insane and sentenced to life in a mental hospital. Your job is to escape before a surprise visitor administers a medication that will sedate you for life.

The other game, the Saw Room, throws your team into a cellar where one friend is kidnapped and crying for help. Either you find your way out of the dark and musty cellar or you play pawn in someone's twisted game.

Both games have highly realistic props and puzzles that will seriously freak you out. While these themed rooms are absolutely terrifying, Krakit also offers escape rooms that aren't scary... for the more feeble-hearted. Reservations for games can be made both online or via email. They're open on Tuesdays from 3 PM to 10 PM and are located on 4035 North Road, Burnaby. So if you're in need of something to do tonight (or on Tuesdays down the line), I think you could use a good scare.

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