As we all know the Pacific Northwest is an incredible place, and are lucky enough to experience it firsthand. It is a region characterized by diverse landscapes, lush forests, wild west coast waters and naturally beautiful landscapes. 

A signature trademark of the PNW is the abandoned train tracks that pose as a picturesque backdrop and lead to unconventional adventures. You've seen these train tracks shrouded by fog all over your Instagram feed, but did you know that you can live out your PNW Instagram dream just a couple hours from Vancouver?

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Cue the Ladner Creek Trestle -  this abandoned train track hike is located near Hope, B.C., which is approximately a two-hour drive from Vancouver. To get there, you take exit 195 from the BC-5 N highway.

After a short hike, you'll arrive at the beautiful train track bridge. The Ladner Creek Trestle was once a part of the historic Kettle Valley Railway. The trail will only take you around 30 minutes but there are parts of it that are steep and have loose dirt, so be extremely careful! If you don't feel comfortable doing the trail, you can still get a great view of the trestle without hiking to the base at the trailhead. 

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Please be SUPER careful when visiting the trestle. We do NOT recommend going onto the actual train tracks as it is highly dangerous and you can still get a great view sans stepping on the bridge, as you can see from the pictures above.

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This scenic hike calls for a road trip with your crew. Happy adventuring! 

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