If you haven't been to Hong Kong, who cares? Hong Kong has come to you! Serving up crazy HK-style desserts from Vitasoy red bean bull dogs to mango grapefruit sago, this dessert cafe is your taste of Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong style dessert cafe, Snackshot, recently opened their doors this summer and their menu is WILD. Not only do they offer traditional Chinese sweet soup (tong sui), they are also serving their own modern take on HK style desserts.

Their most popular item is their Vitasoy red bean bull dog drink, which is basically a red bean slushie (hong dou bing), but instead of using coconut milk, which is the traditional counterpart of choice, they use Vitasoy soy milk from the bottle and tip it upside down like a bull dog drink instead. Fancy.

via @vinitasfooddiary

They even have a sweet soup tasting platter for only $22. You can try all the different sweet soups they have to offer, like their red bean soup, sweet tofu, and green bean soup, just to name a few. It serves about 2-3 people so you can split it and try everything...even if you're broke AF.

via @kerri.w.18

And don't even get me started on the interior decoration. The walls are decked out with an incredible, uber vibrant, super retro wallpaper that looks exactly like Hong Kong. 

Please feast your eyes 😱😱:

via @jellyanna

Our personal favourites are the ube sago sweet soup, the mango grapefruit sago, and of course the Vitasoy red bean bull dog. 

Make sure you take super cute photos here and convince everyone you went to Asia this summer...when really you just took a 15 minute skytrain ride down to Marpole.

Snackshot is located at 7980 Granville St and is open Tuesday to Sunday from 3PM to 12AM.

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