If you haven't been keeping up with your foodie friends' social media lately, then you've missed out on some BIG TOASTY news. There's a new cafe in Richmond serving incredible ice cream toast, and you're not ready for it.

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If you've ever visited Tokyo, Taipei, or Hong Kong you're probably familiar with "Honey Toast". Originating in Japan, the honey toast is essentially an entire square loaf of toasted bread, topped with honey, whipped cream and fruit. And if you're not familiar, it's time to be.

Dazzling Cafe in Richmond just opened up a few months ago and it's going strong with its honey toasts. Located in Richmond, this Taiwanese cafe is serving the most incredibly delicious honey toasts Vancouver has ever seen or tasted.

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Just look at how glorious the honey toasts are!! 😍😍 How can you even resist? They offer flavours such as the Mont-Blanc, Strawberry Lover, and Chocolate Hazelnut. Each honey toast is between $12-15 and are filled with drool-worthy goodness, like ice cream, strawberry jam, and more fruit! And the sweets don't stop there. They even make yummy-yummy waffles!

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And if you're dragging along your BF or BFF who doesn't really have much of a sweet tooth, not to worry, because they've got tons of savoury food options too.

Their savoury menu is a spin on classic Italian pizza, pasta and casserole dishes, with a few Asian inspired fusion dishes. From Truffle Mushroom Pizza to Mentaiko Spaghetti with Cream Sauce, they have a delicious dish for everyone.

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Okay, now that you've read this article, GO ON AND GET YOUR TUMMIES READY! Dazzling Cafe is located at 7971 Alderbridge Way, open Tuesday to Thursady 12PM to 6PM, and Friday to Sunday 12PM to 8PM.

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