Dark Knight fans, stop whatever you're doing, sit down and buckle up because you're not going to believe what I'm about to tell you. If you love DC, theatrical productions, and Halloween then this special event coming to Vancouver this Halloween is perfect for you.

You are cordially invited to join your fellow comic-book-loving nerds at this year's Gotham City Policemens' Masquerade Ball. Yes, you can spend Halloween night exploring every corner and crevice of Wayne Manor. 

The Brock House Restaurant in Point Grey is turning into Batman's Wayne Manor. A Halloween Night At Wayne Manor is an intricately planned interactive theatrical performance, meant to entice Batman's biggest fans (and foes). If you're into playing dress up, then you have to check this out. Bouge it up in your fanciest gown and drink lavishly all night long at the historical mansion.

This Halloween experience offers audience members to explore each room, corner, and corridor in the estate to discover hidden scenes, encounter actors one-on-one, and reveal clues to the show's story. At the end of the show, everyone gathers in the ballroom for the grand finale!

Sip complimentary champagne and snack on tasty hors d'ouevres after the show and enjoy the rest of your fabulous evening. Oh, and I forgot to mention, there may be a few villains creeping in the shadows. It is Halloween, right? You may just run into the Joker. 

The "Wayne Manor" will be located at 3875 Point Grey Rd. Ticket sales end Friday, October 20th but if you act quickly there are definitely some tickets available. If you miss the first round of ticket sales, there will also be a second date for the event on Friday, November 3 for which ticket sales will end Saturday, October 28th.

The ticket prices might be a bit steep, but this Gotham experience is once in a lifetime. Depending on your ticket, you may have early access, a full dinner or a VIP giftbag included! Click here for more information, if you're interested.

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