Are you a fan of all things tea? Or are you looking for a cute new place to brighten up your Instagram feed? Either way, this new tea room located in the centre of Downtown Vancouver is perfect for you! 

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Opened just late last year, Rad Tea Room is a locally owned and operated bubble tea shop - located underground at the Dunsmuir Exit of the Granville Skytrain Station.

The interior of Rad Tea Room is intimate and quiet, with several high top tables and a cozy lounge area in the back - perfect for hanging out with a group of friends or even a casual date!

On the menu are a variety of teas, with classic milk teas including rose and lavender, smoothies, flavoured black/green teas, lattes, and milk tea caps. Vegans, have no worries because there are also a variety of non-dairy alternatives including soy and almond milk at no extra cost! If you are seeking a bite to eat, Rad Tea Room also serves waffles with additional toppings ranging from fruits to unique sauces such as chocolate lavender or matcha cream. 

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What stands out about Rad Tea Room is their dedication to using freshly brewed teas as opposed to powdered teas that can be found at many other franchised bubble tea locations.

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With its adorable and simplistic concept, we have a feeling Rad Tea Room is a place that will soon be flooding your Instagram feed. Do yourself a favour and beat the crowd, check this place out ASAP! 

Rad Tea Room is open 7 days a week, Monday to Friday from 7 AM till 9 PM, and 10 AM till 10 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

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