Vancouver is known for its craft beer, so how do you know where to go? Which to choose from? The simple answer is you don't, and you instead go on a brewery crawl through the Beer Capital of BC, East Vancouver.

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The beer itself is almost secondary at these breweries where they double for art studios and restaurants. So whether you end up at Callister for a cheese stick or Doan's for some Jenga, you can use this list as your VIP virtual tour of the best breweries in East Vancouver.

Strange Fellows // 1345 Clark Dr

Off the Rail // 1351 Adanac St

Bomber Brewing // 1488 Adanac St

Parallel 49 // 1950 Triumph St

Doan's // 1830 Powell St

Callister // 1338 Franklin St

Postmark // 55 Dunlevy Ave

Brassneck // 2148 Main St

Main Street Brewery // 261 East 7th Ave

Faculty // 1830 Ontario St

Strathcona Beer Company // 895 E Hastings St

33 acres // 15 W 8th Ave

Storm Brewing Company // 310 Commercial Dr

Luppolo Brewing Company // 1123 Venables St

Red Truck Beer // 295 E 1st Ave

Andina Brewing // 1507 Powell St

Powell Street Brewing // 1357 Powell Street

R&B Brewing // 54 East 4th Ave

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