In a time when it feels like the entire internet and city of Vancouver is singularly obsessed with everything fall and pumpkin spice, we're actually already looking forward to winter. This winter in February 2020, the Vancouver bumper cars on ice pop-up will be coming and we literally can't wait to smash into our friends on the ice.

Winter is coming (already quite literally in some parts of Alberta) but it seems like Vancouver will be riding out this winter in style. In February 2020, Vancouver’s first-ever bumper car ice rink will be coming to town.

No, you’re not hallucinating. And yes, this event really does feature two of the most exciting things ever in a single combination, bumper cards and sliding around on an ice rink. 

You’ll be truly living life in the fast lane as you slip, slide, and smash into your friends in bumper cars on the ice. If that isn’t a winter wonderland, then we don’t know what is. 

The exciting event on ice will also feature a DJ spinning some snazzy tunes with dimmed lights so you can just as easily turn this Bumper Cars On Ice experience into a lovely winter date for you and your significant other. Not recommended if you're the competitive type, though, because that's not romantic.

And when you’ve had enough of the bumping and smashing on ice, you can head on over to the event’s winter bar and warm yourself up with some delicious mulled wine and other exciting frozen winter cocktails. 

Tickets are only $30 and include a 12-minute bumper car ice ride and admission to the themed bar. Unless you want to be hit with the biggest case of FOMO, we suggest you don’t miss out on this winter event of the year.

Bumper Cars On Ice will also be making its way to Calgary around the same time next year as Vancouver, so if you happen to be in Calgary visiting family or friends, you can still show up to this cool icy event. 

And if you're someone who would rather skate than crash on ice in a bumper car, then you need to check out these free ice rinks

Bumper Cars On Ice

Price: $30

When: February 2020, details will be announced soon so register online to be notified.

Address: TBD

Why You Need To Go: Ruin your friendships over bumper cars on the ice this winter for the ultimate fun winter adventure.


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