Your day is about to get a whole lot rosier. Vancouver's Cherry Blossom Festival was cancelled in real life, but it's going on right now online and we have all the details on how to join. Even though you won't be able to picnic with your friends under the blossoms this year, that is no reason to miss out on one of the most beautiful things of the year. 

It just got a whole lot easier to see the blooms, as you no longer need to wait for the exact time the trees are in bloom. You'll get the chance to see the fluffy pink blossoms at their best all the time.

Right now, the festival has several virtual tree walks around, downtown, the Eastside, the UBC Botanical Garden, Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park and more.

While the photos of the trees are on your screen, you can even invite your friends to join you for a virtual The Big Picnic. It is time to spread a blanket on your floor, and re-create the traditional Japanese hanami experience.

The festival's website is packed with recipes and activities you can try from home to enjoy your own indoor picnic. Without question, the pink cake roll is one you'll want to try.

Plus, all the shows like taiko drumming will be streamed so you can experience the magic from your living room.

Another favourite, The Cherry Jam Concerts are going online too. You'll be able to head to the event's social media sites for updates on when you can watch all the free performances.

For all of you who have a way with words, you can join the web-based Haiku workshop, or even compete to write the best poem.

Or if you are better with your camera than creative writing, why not enter the B.C. Blossom Photo Watch contest?

While going out for your walk, you can snap a photo of the blooms and submit it for a chance to win the grand prize. Just make sure to be respectful of social distancing rules when you do go out.

Vancouver's Cherry Blossom Festival

Price: Free

Why You Need To Go: You enjoy the magic of the festival right from your home.

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