It’s time to get out those hiking boots because two super popular provincial parks just reopened in Metro Vancouver. These hot spots are home to tons of hikes which means you won't be bored any longer. Mount Seymour and Cypress were included when B.C. parks reopened several more spots at the beginning of June. So you can officially head to these iconic destinations for day use or overnight camping. 

Provincial parks all across the province were closed down for quite some time due to COVID-19. 

But just before the long weekend in May hit, BC Parks began to reopen some popular spots

While many local areas opened their doors for hiking and swimming, camping was still prohibited in these parks and only day use was allowed. 

Things are changing and on Monday, June 1, BC Parks announced that campgrounds across the province would reopen for the 2020 camping season

Along with the reopening of camping, two popular provincial parks within Metro Vancouver officially began welcoming adventure seekers. 

Cypress Provincial Park and Mount Seymour Provincial Park are back and ready for businesses. 

As of Monday, June 1, Mount Seymorr Park has been accepting visitors which means you can use all of their hiking amenities. 

Located 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver, this park has tons of trails and some of the top-rated hikes are Mount Seymour Trail, Dog Mountain Trail, and Pump Peak. 

All the views in this area are iconic and no matter what trail you pick you will be treated to mountain top views, massive bodies of water, and all the sunshine you can handle. 

Along with Mount Seymour reopening, Cypress Provincial Park is now taking in visitors. 

AllTrails states there are 37 hiking, running, and scenic trails around the park. 

All are mapped out on the website but the top-rated are St.Mark’s Summit Trail, Eagleridge Bluffs, and Hollyburn Peak Trail. 

Similar to Mount Seymour, this park has great views and is surrounded by lush nature. 

Cypress is also now open for camping which means you can stay the weekend and get in all the hiking you could ever want. 

While the parks are now open, social distancing measures and personal health protocols are still in place. 

If the trails are too packed, it’s best to hold off and either find another hiking spot or come another day. 

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