Ever wish that all things spooky weren't confined to the month of October? Why is it that we have to wait for Halloween each year to indulge in our dark side? There's a spot in Vancouver you have to check out if you love reading Edgar Allen Poe and watching horror movies! The Dark Manor Inn is a 19th century haunted mansion-themed whiskey bar.

Going here will totally immerse you in the experience and will make you feel like you're actually inside an old haunted mansion. They serve up food and drinks as well as a couple of giant punch bowls that are shared with two or four people and make for a pretty amazing night out. Some of their drinks even use that liquid nitrogen fog for an extra spooky and Insta-worthy kick.

This place is perfect for cozy dates and fun nights out with friends. The entire aesthetic of the place is so on-point. This place is actually done by the same team who do Shameful Tiki Room which has been bumping on Main Street for years.

The coolest thing about this place their highly detailed and endearing made-up backstory.  They say that in 1886, Sir Baron Rodney Seagrave was found dead at The Dark Manor Inn. He had been poisoned and the suspect was his young bride Constance-Dee who had been angry at him for losing their fortune at gambling. They say that she was seen pouring her husband's last drink on the night of his death.

Constance-Dee vanished and the mystery was never solved but she might be still in the bar somewhere...If you love haunted houses, mysteries, the macabre and the gothic then this is definitely the place for you.

You can find The Dark Manor Inn, if you dare, at 4298 Fraser Street in Vancouver. They're open from Tuesday to Sunday from 5 PM to 12 PM. Small plates start at $6 and cocktails start at $12.


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