Heaven is a place on earth and apparently, it's right here in B.C. Whyte Islet in West Vancouver is an actual slice of paradise. Filled with ocean views, rocky cliffs you can climb, and a relaxing beach, it is literal perfection and it’s actually incredibly easy to get to. Get out your bucket list, you’ll definitely want to add this hot spot. 

In case you didn’t know, West Vancouver is home to possibly one of the most gorgeous islets in B.C. 

Whyte Islet, off of Whytecliff Park, is a gorgeous area completely surrounded by the ocean. 

It’s a popular place to go for a nice stroll, scuba dive, or picnic to take in the colourful sunsets. The best part is that the scenery is incredibly easy to access.

When you get to the park, there is a massive parking lot. Chances are, you will see scuba divers suiting up — that’s how you know you’re in the right place. 

Take the path and walk right down to the water. The opening is a pebble-filled beach that is just begging for you to have a picnic on.

Around the area, there will be tons of cliffs to hike up and explore. Most will have stairs for easy access but you will still want to watch your footing. 

To the left of the entrance is a massive cliff out in the middle of the ocean. During low tide, people will often walk on the rocky path leading up to the cliff to enjoy the ocean views. 

Of course, this is not a regular path so again, watch your step. 

If you’re going to explore, be sure to check the tide before you go as people have gotten stuck there in the past. 

You can even bring your pooch with you as the entire area is dog friendly. Just be sure to put little Fido on a leash. 

The park is just a short 30-minute drive from downtown Vancouver which isn’t bad at all considering how bad traffic can be. 

If you really want magnificent views we suggest going for sunset. 

Out at the islet, there won’t be anything obstructing you view other than the cliffs with means you will have insane views of the bright colours. 

This islet can be explored any time of year but the summer months are where it’s at. Bring a bathing suit and a picnic and you have yourself an iconic summer adventure. 

Whyte Islet

Address: Marine Drive in West Vancouver

Why You Need To Go: Expand your bucket list with this Instagrammable location. It's the perfect way to take in nature and beef up your photography game all in one. 

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