The goat yoga trend is making its way around Canada right now - you can do it in Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax, and now you'll be able to find it outside of Vancouver! 

Maan Farms in Abbotsford is hosting four seperate goat yoga events this month, on May 12th, 19th, 20th and 27th. Tickets start at $35, and you can buy them right now. From yoga, to petting goats and sipping on fresh chai tea, it literally sounds like the perfect day.

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Here's the best part: the goats actually help you improve your posture and balance during the yoga class - by standing on your back. "Our goats love people, cuddling and will help motivate and challenge you to engage in mindfulness as they jump from back to back," the event page says.

But, in case you forgot that goats are actually farm animals and not highly-trained yogis, the event page explains that you can "expect to get dirty" as they'll be running around and, you know, doing goat things like pooping and making loud noises.

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"This event is on a farm for a reason!" the event page says, "If you've heard about this event you know that goats will be running around and if nature calls - the goats will answer the call!" Doesn't get more clear than that.

But, goats are super docile and friendly. Goat selfies are encouraged at this event, and attendees have an entire half-hour to pet them and take photos. 

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It's no surprise that goat yoga at Maan Farms is just days away from being completely sold out. Click here and get your tickets fast!

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