If you ask anyone on the street why they don't go to more Canucks games, you're bound to receive a few different answers. Something about being too busy, something about the team not being a cup contender, but mostly: the tickets are too damn expensive! 

Well luckily, you have a chance to watch Canada's favourite sport for a very low price. Whether you're a hardcore fan, or never seen the team play, you're going to love this deal. 

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Groupon is currently selling Vancouver Canucks tickets starting as low as $27 USD (approx. $34 CAD). All you have to do is click the link here and follow the instructions on the Groupon page! 

Tickets are available from now until the end of the season and give a chance to see some powerhouse NHL teams: the Los Angeles Kings, Tampa Bay Lightning, Nashville Predators and the Edmonton Oilers - to name a few. And with a handful of prospects that look to brighten the team's future, there's never been a better time to catch a game. 

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