Even though less than 5% of land in BC is considered arable, we have so many incredible farms to check out. From our world-class wine region to our apple orchards and goat farms we really do have it all.  There's even a farm close to Vancouver where they grow goji berries and you can visit to pick your own! Gojoy Berry Farm in Aldergrove is an amazing hidden spot in BC that you will want to discover for yourself.

Typically, goji berries are only grown in Asia so it's pretty unusual to hear about a farm here in Canada. You can buy goji berries dried, powdered, juiced or frozen at health food stores and grocery stores. Luckily for British Columbians, they can have the unique experience of eating goji berries fresh from the farm. You have to put this farm on your bucket list this year and see how they grow this superfood.

What do goji berries taste like? They taste like a tomato-berry hybrid or somewhere between a cranberry and a raspberry. Their health properties are extra-powerful when they're fresh and they're rich key vitamins and they are powerful antioxidants. That's why they're such a buzz-worthy health food. 

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You can visit the Gojoy Berries Farm in Aldergrove for U-pick goji berries this Summer from mid-June to September. Check out their website for updates and more details on the crop.

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