Usually, if you want to relax in a tropical oasis, you'd have to get a plane ticket! Canada is wonderful for so many reasons but we're not full of coconut trees, hibiscus blossoms and warm, humid air. There's an indoor jungle on Vancouver Island where you can escape to a tropical paradise, no passport required! The Victoria Butterfly Gardens makes for an ideal tropical escape while you wait eagerly for the return of Spring!

Thousands of butterflies call this lush oasis home and fly free throughout the indoor jungle, which is the size of three basketball courts. You'll be able to spot over 70 species of butterflies, each more brilliant than the next. There are other animals who call this jungle home, too like friendly parrots, flamingos, poison dart frogs and tortoises!

A visit to the butterfly gardens would be an amazing day trip from Vancouver this Spring. You can surprise your friends with this super-affordable jungle adventure and get inspired to save up for your own trip to a tropical destination like Bali, Vietnam or Thailand! Be gentle as you go through this jungle since the butterflies might land on you and hitch a ride.

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You can visit the Victoria Butterfly Gardens every day this Spring from Saturday, March 9 onwards. They're open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and admission is $16.50. It's just a five-minute drive to Butchart Gardens from here, so you can make a day of it and drink in all the natural beauty in one trip!

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