Tulips are such a beautiful sight on their own – so imagine 7 million tulips all in one place. Pretty much an aesthetic, floral dream right? Well throw in a swing set and its insta-worthiness goes off the freaking charts. 

What if we told you that could become a reality right here in Vancouver? Well, call us genies cause we're about to make your dreams come true. 

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Tulips of the Valley is the largest flower festival in all of Western Canada. It boasts 7 million tulips. But maybe most impressive of all? A swing set that lets you swing life away above a gorgeous field of never-ending tulips. 

The festival was originally set to finish by the end of April, but lucky for us, it’s been extended to May 6th! So you still have time to wander around a beautiful 20-acre field of 7 million tulips or get a swing shot with the perfect backdrop.

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On top of rows and rows of tulips, they also have 3 acres and 17 varieties of specialty Double Daffodils and 2 acres of Hyacinths. Plus you'll get a beautiful backdrop of the Fraser Valley, Mount Cheam and other surrounding mountains. 

If you pre-purchase online, tickets will cost you only $9.99 for adult admission or else at the fields $15. Youth tickets cost $5 online and $8 at the fields. 

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Tulips of the Valley is located in Chilliwack. They are open every day until 6 PM, from 9 AM on weekends and 10 am on weekdays. For more information about the festival, check out their website here.

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