The start of a new year means it's time to head back to school and back to work. But the end of the holidays doesn't mean the end of winter romance. It's important to take a break and spend time together. Take an hour, a day or a whole weekend to rest and relax – or party your hearts out – as a couple. Who cares if it's not New Year's Eve anymore – make a resolution to spend more quality time and explore some new-to-you Winnipeg gems.

But baby, it's cold outside. Yeah, yeah, we know. If sledding, skiing and snowboarding aren't your thing, you can still get out this January. There's still plenty to do in the winter, but you don't have to let the snow keep you indoors!

Here's our list of 14 things your girl might want to do this weekend. Enjoy, Winnipeg!

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1. Take her for a walk through Assiniboine Park

Bundle up and take her for a trek through the park. Hike through the woods, wander through the zoo and make sure to stop in at the Conservatory when you get cold!

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2. Check out a show at The Good Will

Some of the best chill, low-key inexpensive shows in the city happen here. Bonus points because it's a safe space with great food. January's event schedule is here.

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3. Challenge her to some games at Across the Board

Go for the sandwiches and salsa, stay for the five rematches of Cards Against Humanity. Let  the competition heat up the rest of your night.

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4. Keep the competition going at Reset

Their tagline is "Drink. Dance. Play." so go do all three.

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5. Plan a brunch date at Pineridge Hollow

It's technically not in Winnipeg, but the drive is 100% worth it. If waking up an extra 30 minutes early to make it to brunch isn't your thing, their dinner menu is pretty great too – or you could just eat a ton of desserts.

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6. Bring her to a Manitoba Moose game

Even if you're not hockey fans, you can get each get a Jumbo Jets Dog ... or two ... or three.

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7. Upgrade to a movie at the VIP theatre at the McGillivray Cinemas

It's a step up from Netflix at home, AND you can still have wine!

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8. Grab dinner at Mitzi's

They apparently have the best chicken fingers in town. Make sure you check out their hours in advance, because they close for a bit in the afternoons.

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9. Visit new downtown art installations

There are so many cool (and free) public art exhibits to see in Winnipeg. Take a walk down Portage, Main and Broadway to get a glimpse of some of the most photo-worthy pieces.

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10. Take her snowshoeing at FortWhyte Alive

It's something fun and a little different, plus you can get a good workout in.

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11. Invite her to the Manitoba Museum

Chances are you probably haven't been since you were kids, so it's time to check it out again! Visit all your old favourite exhibits and make some new memories.

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12. Have coffee at Fools & Horses

Bring your textbooks and make it a study date! Plus, you can grab beers after without even heading to another place.

13. Treat her to dinner at Sydney's 

Save this one for when you're looking for a nicer night out or a special occasion. Brownie points if you get dressed up!

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14. Take her skating at The Forks

It's winter in Winnipeg. You gotta do it at least once!

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