We could all use a little free in December, or more like a lot of free! December is truly the busiest spending month of the year. It is a retailers dream and consumers nightmare. I'm not hating on December but it can definitely get costly, especially depending on how you roll. From massive spending on Christmas presents, family dinners, boxing day, your yearly tropical vacation and trips to see those distant family members, I couldn't think of a better time to do some free things!

The holiday festivities are beginning to pop up all over the city, from Christmas Markets to Santa photos. So if you are looking for free things to do since January is the month everyone is the most broke out of all the year, there is something for everyone. From markets and swimming to events and comedy nights, get out of the house and enjoy life!

So if you need some more free in your life right about now, check out what Winnipeg has to offer. Here are 40 Free Things You Gotta Do This December In Winnipeg.

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Free Things To Do From December 1st-9th

Free Things To Do From December 10th-17th

Free Things To Do From December 18th-24th

Free Things To Do From December 25th-31st

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Enjoy some free skating at River East Arena.

Every Friday starting Dec 1st at 5:45 PM enjoy free skating at the arena. The free skating will run until Dec 22nd.

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Take part in the December edition of First Friday's in the Exchange.

Specially for the Dec 1st edition of First Friday's, there will additionally be an official after party for you to check out!

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Go watch the annual CP Holiday Train performance.

On Dec 2nd the train will run through Winnipeg. It stops Molson Street between Panet Road and Munroe Avenue and they perform a show 9:15 PM - 9:45 PM.

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Visit the Hometown Hockey event at The Forks.

On Dec 2nd take part in a bunch of hockey related activities happening with NHL alumni player appearances.

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Enjoy some relaxation and warmth in the sauna at Transcona Kinsmen Centennial Pool.

On December 7th go sit in the sauna at the pool for free. The whole pool is free though don't worry, you aren't limited to just the sauna.

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Window shop down Osborne Village.

Yes, window shopping is not as good as real shopping but it's a good opportunity to get ideas for some Christmas gifts.

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Take a brewery tour through PEG Beer Co.

On Dec 4th and every Monday, take a tour through the brewery at 7PM or 8PM. They also have happy hour after if you can spare a few bucks.

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Visit all the amazing lights at the Manitoba Hydro building.

During Christmas time the Manitoba Hydro building lights up! They've built their own indoor winter wonderland.

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If you still haven't been, check out the Museum Of Human Rights.

On December 6th, from 5PM - 9PM the museum offers free entry for the evening. They do this on the first of every month.

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Go to Half Pints Brewery and take a tour.

On Dec 2nd check out Half Pints Brewery's special event. You get to take a tour, meet the brewers and play pinball!

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Enjoy the annual Holiday Party at the WAG.

On Dec 10th, the Winnipeg Art Gallery will have free hot cocoa, cookies and crafts from 1 PM - 4 PM.

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Go swimming at the North Centennial Recreation & Leisure Facility.

From 4PM - 5 PM on Dec 10th, bring out the bathing suite that's been sitting since summer and go for a dip in the pool.

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Browse the Christmas VIA Pop-Up Farmers Market.

On Dec 10th, from 11am - 5pm, check out the farmers market in the ultra cute old train station downtown.

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Go play some free games of Pool at Jekyll and Hyde's in Osborne Village.

For the month of December, enjoy free Pool every Thursday (Dec 14th) at Jekyll and Hyde at 437 Stradbrook Ave just off Osborne.

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Visit All That Glows: Then & Now At The Manitoba Electrical Museum.

On Dec 13th with additional dates in December, the museum shows how holiday lights, trees and decorations have changed from the 1880s to today.

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Go do some photography with the snow.

Some people have never even seen the snow. I know that's crazy for us but let's show them what it's all about!

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Take a drive out to Birds Hill Park.

Take a quick getaway to one of the closest parks that is just outside the city. You'll be right nature in minutes!

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Go out and build a snowman in the park or your yard.

As I'm sure you know, snowmen need sticky snow to really work, which means it can't be to cold out. So make them while you can!

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Take a break from winter and enter the Assiniboine Park Conservatory.

You'd never even know it was winter from in there! It's always free year round but a nice getaway in the winter when you've have enough snow.

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Have a warm cup of coffee while you enjoy the outdoors.

Winter is cold, no matter how you put it, but we can make it as warm as we can! What's better than your fave coffee on a cold day?

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Go do some more free skating at Bertrand Arena.

On Saturday Dec 19th, enjoy some free skating indoors from 6:45 PM - 7:45 PM in St. Boniface.

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Go Tobogganing at one of the cities Toboggan hills.

Hopefully we get some fresh snow and it stays and isn't all ice. Depending on the weather the toboggan slide might even be open.

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Visit any of the North Pole's at the malls and get your picture taken with Santa.

Sure, this is totally a cliche but get in the Christmas spirit! Don't be a Scrouge or Grinch.

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Visit The Forks Market and enjoy the Christmas lights set up around the area

The Forks is always a go to, but for good reason. It's cute AF at Christmas time, even more so than normal!

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Take the little ones to the Assiniboine Park Zoo.

From December 23rd to January 7th, all children ages 12 and under get free admission to the zoo for the holidays.

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Cozy up with a good book at the downtown Millennium Library.

Admission to the library is always free as well as renting books and even using the computers.

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Explore the historic Manitoba Legislative Building.

You can take a self guided tour from 8 AM - 8 PM most days to explore the grande building.

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Make snow angels at your local park or in your backyard.

December is always when we get the nice new snow fall which means it is perfect snow angel conditions!

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Go for a stroll and check out the adorable Houses Of Wolsely.

Wolsely is known for it's eclectic environment which includes unique super cute older homes of all shapes, colours, and sizes.

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Visit the newly built Winnipeg Sign at The Forks.

A newly popular attractions since it was just built a few months ago is our Winnipeg sign (just like Toronto!) that we just got!

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Watch some funny stand up comedy at The Park Theatre.

Dec 25th is one of the monthly open mic comedy nights at the theatre which has no cover and is on at 8:30 PM.

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Go for a walk down the amazing Back Alley Arctic.

Walk down the the alleyway of Canora and Ethelbert Street between Westminster and Wolseley and the back lane has been transformed into art!

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Bring out the hammock even in the snow!

Before that -30 weather and windchill starts to hit, cozy up in a hammock. The best thing is that you can pile blankets in it!

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Take your dog for a walk through the snow.

I don't know about you but my dog used to love the snow! Some dogs never even get to experience snow but our's do! For better or worse!

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Take your donut tube and use it for snow tubing!

Instead of letting all your summer floats sit around all winter, bring them out and ride them in the snow!

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Take some photos of the amazing street art outside of Fleet Galleries.

Dec 25th is one of the monthly open mic comedy nights at the theatre which has no cover and is on at 8:30 PM.

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Check out all of the giant Christmas lights downtown.

If you missed the Santa Claus Parade because well, it happens in November every year, you can still go for a walk or drive downtown and check out all the lights.

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Enjoy Fireworks as part of New Years Eve at The Forks.

The fireworks will be at 8 PM and then they will have DJs playing inside at 9PM - midnight with wagon rides and activities beforehand.

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Watch the New Years Eve celebrations on CBC on T.V. at home.

If the holidays have you exhausted and just completely tired out, then celebrate New Years from the comfort of your couch.

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Spend time with family and friends!

Yeah it's corny I guess but seriously, there is nothing more important than your loved ones! Enjoy any time you can with them over the holidays!

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