It has been a hard winter for us Winnipeggers and all of Manitoba for that matter! I can barely think about going out, staying warm is mostly on my mind and I know I am not alone. Some of you have been toughing it out in -40 and I have mad respect for you. You dedicated photographers you! That cold is like no other, especially when you're freezing your fingers off. We are coming into the middle of winter though and staying inside for months isn't good for anyone. Hopefully, it gets warmer but if not, there are lots of good places to go eat and warm your belly up!

Let's not forget the biggest holiday in February, Valentines Day! If you've been out to the store I'm sure you've already noticed all the valentines day cards, chocolates, etc. all set up already. They make sure you don't ever forget valentines day, for better or worse. How do we get those people though who still manage to forget valentines day then? I got easter chocolate once because all the valentines chocolate was sold out. I'm not complaining though, chocolate is chocolate! I'll eat it all! So regardless of if you're celebrating Valentine's day or not, get out of the house and treat yourself.

So if you're tired of hiding inside this winter, check out what Winnipeg has to offer. Here are 40 Free Things You Gotta Do This February 2018 In Winnipeg.

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Take part in the new La Poutine Week.

Following the success of Le Burger Week is now La Poutine Week. Start off February with the best poutines in the city! Feb 1st-7th.

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Get some great pizza from Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia was named top Pizzeria for the 2018 Top Choice Awards. Warm up with some hot fresh pizza!

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Get some cake from Caked With Love Co

Caked With Love Co. was named top Cake Boutique for the 2018 Top Choice Awards. Get a beautiful custom cake or try their cake drops!

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Get at those delicous carbs from Buccacino's

Santa Lucia was named top Italian Restaurant for the 2018 Top Choice Awards. Warm up with some pasta!

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Get some great pizza from Dolce Bake Shop

Dolce Bake Shop was named top Pasty Shop for the 2018 Top Choice Awards. Warm up with some tasty fresh baking!

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Get some great pizza from Yujiro Japanese Restaurant

Yujiro was named top Japanese (Sushi) Restaurant for the 2018 Top Choice Awards. Warm up with some tempura, udon, or miso soup.

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Eat even more poutine and follow the The Poutine Trail

If you missed out on La Poutine Week, don't worry! The Poutine Trail showcases Manitoba's best poutines all year long.

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Check out the all new Ward 1 Restaurant & Lounge

Perfect for all you foodies out there who've been to every place to eat in Winnipeg. It's located on 135 Osborne Street right in the village.

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Go to one of Winnipeg's best festivals, the Festival du Voyageur

If you only have time or money for one thing this February, it should probably be the Festival du Voyageur! On from February 16th - 25th.

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Laugh your face off with Chris D'elia

Catch super funny Chris D'elia performing 2 shows at the Club Regent Event Centre. His shows are on February 10th.

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Get some tattoo inspiration at the Winnipeg Tattoo Show

Check out the Winnipeg Tattoo Show at the RBC Convention Centre. It's on from Feb 23rd - 25th.

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Do some hot yoga from Awesome Hot Yoga And Barre

Awesome Hot Yoga And Barre was named top Yoga Studio for the 2018 Top Choice Awards. You'll be sweating and forget how cold it really is!

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Go pick out a bouquets of flowers from Academy Florists

Academy florists was named top Flower Shop for the 2018 Top Choice Awards. Step up the roses game for Valentines Day and get something truly unique!

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Get a facial from City Looks Salon & Spa

City Looks was named top Beauty Spa for the 2018 Top Choice Awards. Rejuvenate your skin from the hash weather!

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Get some great pizza from Cristalla Spa

Cristalla Spa was named top Nail Salon for the 2018 Top Choice Awards. Bring bae for a pedicure! Everyone could use a pedicure.

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Create the worlds longest chain of ice skaters

Really make your date memorable and be part of breaking a World Record. It takes place on Feb 4th and you have to register online.

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Check out all the activities at Fort Whyte

Explore Fort Whyte and they have to offer plus get out of the crazy cold windchill in the tipis! Adult entry is $8.

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Check out the exhibits at The Human Rights Museum

You can also get some new great photos without freezing outside. Adult entry is $18. On Wednesday evenings though you can get $5 entry.

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Have a night in and order dinner from Skip The Dishes

This insane weather has made Skip seem way more appealing than going out to eat! Sign up through email to get a coupon.

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Get amazing coffee from Little Sister Coffee

Little Sister Coffee was named top Cafe for the 2018 Top Choice Awards. Warm up with these gorgeous coloured drinks!

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Finally go see the Ice Castles

The long awaited Ice Castles are finally here! Seems right since the weather tells us it's "Ice Crystals" outside. 12+ tickets are $12.95 - $20.00.

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Check out the outdoors from the comfort of the indoors at the Manitoba Outdoors Show

On from Feb 9th - 11th and located at the Red River Exhibition Place. Adult entry is $10.

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Check out the Winnipeg Health And Wellness Expo

On from Feb 16th - 18th and located at the RBC Convention Centre. Adult entry is $10.

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Get something special at the Valentine Pop Up Farmers Market

On Feb 11th and located at the Via Rail station. Over 50 local Manitoba producers will be bringing special local goods that are perfect for your loved one!

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Watch a play at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre

The Royal MTC is Canada's oldest English-language regional theatre. If you're under 30 you can also get cheaper tickets for just $20.

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Enjoy classical music from the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

Theres nothing more classy than going to a show from the WSO. They'll also be showing the Charlie Chapman movie from Feb 16th - 18th.

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Enjoy a show at The Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Their next show is the famous Sleeping Beauty. It starts at the end of February on the 28th and runs until march 4th.

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Explore all the different displays at The Winnipeg Art Gallery

The front lights at the WAG are a beautiful photo spot but inside the art gallery you'll also find tons of great works of art.

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Have some fancy drinks at The Palm Lounge

Located in The Fort Garry Hotel, the building is magnificent! They also have live local musicians at night.

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Play some classic vinyl at Peg Beer Co

Every Sunday from 12 - 8 PM, Peg Beer Co. will play your vinyl records that you bring in. It's like the classiest jukebox around!

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Get some amazing modern Italian food from Passero/Corto

Brand new for 2018 at the continuously renovated Forks Market is Passero. Created by the same chef who made Enoteca and Máquè, you know it will be amazing!

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Get a full 4 course meal at The Oxbow

Another great new restaurant for 2018! It's located in south Osborne and created by the same people who made our beloved The Roost.

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Check out the ice sculptures from the Festival du Voyageur

If you can't afford tickets to Festival du Voyageur, you can still experience all the ice sculptures being made throughout the city.

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Check out the ice fishing lodges on Lake Winnipeg

Head out to Gimli and explore all the brightly coloured ice fishing lodges set up all around the ice. It looks like a cute mini town!

Check out the lights displays at The Forks

Instagram approved! There are so many amazing photos of these lights it was hard to choose just one!

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Play some Crokicurl at The Forks

New to the Arctic Glacier Winter Park is Crokicurl. The Forks has built a unique outdoor curling game and rink!

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Go skating and play some hockey at The Forks

Play a game of hockey at one of the many spots in the city! So whether you want to go play at The Forks or at your local rink, it's all free!

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Stay warm in our -40 winter weather with a bonfire

It's been freaking cold out lately which can make it hard to do those outdoor activities. So light up a bonfire and make the winter bearable!

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Check out this years Warming Huts at The Forks

There are so many great things to do and see at The Forks but these are by far the coolest! Go explore them all the skating trail and warm up!

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Go on a Horse-Drawn Wagon Ride at The Forks

On Sundays, until Feb 25th from 1:30 - 4:30 PM, enjoy free wagon rides at The Forks! You can find them near Travel Manitoba.

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