Discounts on discounts on discounts! Finally, we don’t have to drive down to the States or hit up an outlet mall while on vacation because we don’t have one at home. Winnipeg is feelin' the love! ❤️

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You want that new new? Well, there are a ton of new stores opening like Manitoba’s first Under Armour, Tommy Hilfiger, Lolë, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nike, Levis, Calvin Klein, and Adore Cosmetics.

Even the food court will be bringing in some brand new restaurants, with many being the first of their kind in Manitoba. Barburrito, Big Smoke Burger, Chachi's, Shanghai 360, and Sushi Shop are all new to Winnipeg too!

Click here for the full list of stores.

Fine design details that elevate your style. ⠀ Shop through link in bio.

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Under Armour

No reason to wear old gym clothes anymore.

Juicy new shades and stripes to punch up your spring wardrobe 💋❤

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Tommy Hilfiger

Are you a Tommy girl?

Saks Fifth Avenue

If you're livin' that luxury life!


Feed your sneaker addiction.

Fun day Yoga day 😀 Leggings: Eliana Bra: Pascalyne #lolewomen Thank you @jesskeys_ 💙

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Cute women's active wear.

Good things come in threes. #LiveInLevis

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Make your denim game strong.

Calvin Klein


Adore Cosmetics

Organic skin care love.


Instagram approved!

Big Smoke Burger

There's nothing better to wash down your burger and poutine than with an ice cream sandwich.


Mac and cheese in an oozy gooey sandwich with crunchy chips. More the merrier!

Il ne reste que 48 heures! // Less than 48 hours to go! #SushiShopLove #SushiTacos #SummerMenu

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Sushi Shop

Sushi tacos are a thing!

Photo Cred: Zomato

Shanghai 360

They have every variation of dumplings you could imagine and you can watch them make it right in front of you.

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