Today is Monday, aka international chest day. In this cold day of January, you don't need the lack of bench-press stations to mess up your day even more. To help you cope with this possible situation, here's an exercice you should incorporate to your chest day!

First things first

If you can't picture what is the dumbbell pullover exercise, here's a quick example :

Keep your hips on the bench with solid balance on your feet while arching your back slightly to pump your chest up. Keep your chest contracted the whole time to minimize the activation of your triceps, they should mind their own business! Slowly descend the weight behind your head and make sure you keep your arms straight. when you feel the stretch (without pain to the shoulders), ascend the weight back up to your forhead, not directly above your chest, you don't want it to rest.

1. A great kickstarter

The dumbbell pullover is a great exercise to start your workout. You can do it right after your warm up and hit it for 3-4 sets of 12-20 (high rep) to get the blood flowing and to stretch these pecs up so they are ready for a heavier exercise afterwards.

2. A great finisher

The opposite is right aswell, you can end your chest workout with this one, killing it at high rep range too with a slow tempo to completely tear them down.

3. Flexibility

You just finished your workout, who likes to hang around at the gym even more to stretch even if it's absolutely mandatory? A fun perk of this exercise it its ability to stretch your shoulders and actually make them more flexible while MAKING GAINZ.

4. Triceps sneakpeak

Even if you contract your chest with the best form, your triceps will still be activated by the dumbbell pullover. You can take advantage of this by using this exercise as an introduction if you do your triceps after your chest to pump blood into them and get them ready.

5. Ribcage "expansion"

Last but not least, the dumbbell pullover will hit your serratus major (that sexy muscle above your obliques patched onto your ribs) and your lats, increasing your v-taper and giving the illusion that your ribcage is bigger! Your stabilizers will absolutely love it too!

Keep your sets slow and feel the stretch everyone!

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