Going to the gym alone is great, don't get me wrong, but sometimes you need the extra help to push beyond your limits and to continue when you body begs you to stop after that rep. This is where gym buddies come in, they are the best to make you push the envelope; if you don't have friends, there's always pre workout you could use.

1. Same objectives

If your gym buddy has the same objectives as you as in trying to get leaner, trying to get better or trying to get stronger, you will feel the positive competition pushing each of you harder, bringing you to your goals faster.

2. Doesn't take it too seriously

I'm not talking here about don't taking working out seriously, but I am taking about the overall energy he/she brings. If you are lauging and having a good time at the gym while respecting your set rests and goals, you found a winner. Nothing beats having a blast at the gym; you won't wait to come back.

3. Remembers to spot you

Everyone can learn to spot correcly if they didn't know how, but not everybody can remember they actually need to spot when you are in a life threatening guillotine bench press situation. Daydreamers,beware!

Photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ennuidesign

4. Professional remindering machine

If you receive a text message precisely at the same time you are supposed to head for the gym everyday, you've got a keeper. Especially if your gym buddy still reminds you when it's leg day.

"I can't feel my soul" - Me during leg day

5. Gets you in the zone

All of you that managed to find the perfect gym buddy doesn't need me explaning this one, you know what I am talking about. Nothing feels better than having your gym buddy cheering you up and motivating you better than a coach ever would to make your sorry ass finish your excruciating last rep. Halleluja.

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