If your body type follows the ectomorph cookie cutter (which is small shoulders, small waist, thin and can eat a lot without gaining fat), you sure gloomed at the mirror asking yourself : how in the living f*** can I gain muscle... or even a little extra weight. You always wished you were a mesomorph that could gain muscle faster and have a broader look, but think again; being an ecto can make you a Hero.

I'm sick and tired of being small and scrawny - You

The advantages

As funny as this may sound, your small wrists and tiny waistline will serve as arsenal to your quest. Why so? Imagine your wrist for example, but imagine it with 2 years of gym progress. Your forarms will look considerably bigger than someone with larger wrists; the contrast between your forarm muscles and your wrist bone at your hand junction will play it like magic. Same goes with the contrast between your lats and hips, the v-taper will be much more present.

Another huge advantage is the ability for your to lose weight faster than normal people, translating in faster cuts and keeping those muscles when keeping your protein high, trust me as I am an ectomorph myself, so is a lot of top tier fitness models in the industry such as Marc Fitt or even Zyzz.

Step #1

Lift heavy. If this sounds simple, it's because it is! Since you are an ectomorph, your starting strength is not as high as the other body types have, so you should follow a strength based training to get that power up to finally be able to train hypertrophy with decent weights.

Step #2

Eat big. I get that you keep on telling everybody that you can eat anything without getting fat, this just means you have to eat more. Track that scale and try to eat so that you gain about half a pound per week. Weigh yourself once a week at the same day same time to track your progress. Your pre and post workout nutrition must also be on par to help you gain faster.

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