Like I wrote in another article, some people are doing too much. The concept of "resting more to have bigger muscles" is not known by a lot of people yet. Here's 2 time windows where you should rest more.

1. At the gym

Forget the traditional 60 seconds rest between your sets. If you go for real optimal hypertrophy, you should aim for minimum 2 minutes and 30 seconds of rest between your sets. The reason is pretty simple : when you work out, your body uses its reserve of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). They are mostly use for the first 10 seconds under tension (if you are at more than 80% of your max charge). Your ATP reserves are taking minimum 2 minutes and a half to renew the quantity you just used in your set.

By taking less break, you don't give your body enough time to get at his "strongest". So what are you doing in during this time? You take lighter weights. But your body doesn't care that you are not strong enough to lift more. If you are doing 8 reps, you have to take your 8RM (a weight you can only lift 8 times). By taking 1 minute of break, is your body ready to do 3 sets of your 8RM? Of course not! By taking short breaks, you may be only able to lift your 14RM 8 times. What does it change? You pass from 100% charge to maybe 75% charge. You are doing endurance training. Maybe not for you, but that's how your body sees it.

Long breaks are not made to burn more fat. They are made to build more muscles. Rest more to have bigger and stronger muscles? Hell to the yeah!

2. At Home

Have you ever heard : muscles are made in bed? Well, that's absolutely true. It doesn't mean to stay in bed all day doing nothing. It means working your butt off at the gym Then go home to sleep. The time your growth hormone is the most active is when you are sleeping. 8h of sleep is the minimum you should get in order to have maximum results. If you are only sleeping 5-6h a night, your growth hormone is not going to be at its peak and your cortisol (stress hormone) is going to be way too high.

Not having enough sleep every day is very, very bad for the body. I know, sleeping a lot with our busy life isn't easy. But, a big discipline is necessary. The consequences on your body can be way too big : inversion of your cortisol cycle, bad hunger and emotional management, more body fat, worse sport performance, etc.

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