Okay. You want to get fit, right? That’s the plan, but how? There is already so many details out there on which of these 14 billion workout plans you should pick when you are a beginner to hit MASSIVE GAINS, or whatever top secret food you should eat to speed up the process or even the detailed path Arnold took to get the Mr. Olympia title you can follow, but all this infinite source of information does not answer the question how do I even start.

Sadly (or hopefully if you are of the sweat fearing kind), the answer does not lie in the gym or in the kitchen.

The big picture

To properly kick-start into a consistent and effective training regime, you must first answer this simple question that the answer will most probably change an indefinite amount of times during your quest: why do you want to train.

Do you want to train to become healthy? Better performances to a given sport? Purely for aesthetics? To become as strong as possible? There is no bad answers but only good ones since nobody but yourself will beneficiate from the goals you have set, so being true to yourself is mandatory.

When the bigger picture of why you want to train is clear, you can now focus on important aspects of your main long term goal, keeping track of your objective every step of the way.


No matter what is your main motive of training, you will now want to hit to gym, but not yet. A very popular virus called “I will hit the gym 5 to 7 times a week for one month before stopping completely due to a killed motivation” will infect the fast results craving beginners that rush into it without proper preparation.

Ego aside, take a close look at your weekly routine and figure out when you have free time that is most likely recurring every week; free time you can use to go to the gym with very low chances of plans interfering with your training sessions. You have better chances of success by going to the gym 3 times a week consistently than going once on a specific week then 4 times during another. As weeks pass by, you will develop this routine that you will find hard to break, making your way to the gym easier each time.

Workout plan

You may know what your reason to work out is and when you are available to go train, but knowing what to do once your feet are past the gym entrance is a mind-boggling puzzle to newbies and even intermediate trainees.

I will keep this honest guys. There is no actual workout program out there that is tailored for you; a tailored workout program will be built by yourself over time with a lot of trial-error and experimenting.

This is the whole point of finding your training motive above. Since you know why you want to hit the gym, Google is your friend to research on various exercises, forms, and popular splits for your availability to go train. Spend time on forums, watch your inspirational figures training videos, read articles written by well-known training, you cannot over educate yourself, take advantage of the access to unlimited resources online using your computer and phone.

Here is the downside (that over time will become an excitement and will make you feel like a “gains scientist”), you will have to try a lot of things and figure out if you respond well to them, letting go of the least effective aspects and gathering the most effective parts, slowly collecting the pieces to your unfinished puzzle.

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