Canada is a truly beautiful place. We're all so lucky to live here, but I bet that most of us haven't had the opportunity to truly explore our own country. It just makes sense that when you're planning a vacation, you look outside your own country, to explore something different.

But Canada itself is so massive that you can go from coast to coast and experience completely different adventures everywhere you go! So if you're looking to plan a vacation this holiday season, you should absolutely look at taking a trip to some of these super cute towns all across Canada.

Each province holds tons of adorable towns, but these ones you might not have heard of, even the ones in your own province! 

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Travel Destinations In Newfoundland And Labrador


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Type Of Vacation: Breathtaking landscapes 

Highlight: Bonavista peninsula 

If you're looking for a quaint, small town experience mixed with nature landscapes that will literally take your breath away, this is it. Visit the lighthouse by the waterfront, Dungeon Provincial Park and enjoy a nice dinner at Bonavista Social Club!


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Type Of Vacation: Winter wonderland 

Highlight: Museums and waterfront 

Twillingate, Newfoundland is where you should go for icebergs and whale sightings all year-round! Wander down to their waterfront to see both of these sights, check out the Prime Berth Fishing Museum and the Auk Island winery!


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Type Of Vacation: Ocean wonders 

Highlight: Avalon Peninsula 

The small town of Ferryland is located right on the Avalon Peninsula and offers unreal views like this massive iceberg that floated right by it in this past April! Hike to lighthouses, visit the Colony of Avalon archaeological site, and so much more.


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Type Of Vacation: Charming beach town

Highlight: Dildo Interpretation Centre

This town attracts a lot of attention, obviously because of it's hilarious name. But aside from that it actually has a lot of things to offer visitors! This charming beach town offers super fresh seafood, the interpretation centre museum and much more.

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Travel Destinations In Manitoba


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Type Of Vacation: City with small town vibes

Highlight: Downtown core

Brandon is  actually the second largest city in Manitoba, so it has so much to offer visitors! It's downtown core is filled with super cute coffee shops, old brick buildings and lots of shops to explore. 


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Type Of Vacation: Peaceful small town stay

Highlight: Swinging bridge

The main attraction in this small town is Canada's longest swinging bridge that lights up at night and becomes a romantic spot to bring your S/O. Stroll through the nature-filled Victoria Park, enjoy yummy dinners at their numerous restaurants and shop in some of their adorable stores.

St. Adolphe 

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Type Of Vacation: Prairie landscapes

Highlight: The Old Convent

St. Adolphe is a small town of just 500 people and is located right along the Red River of Manitoba. You can check out the remains of the old convent which is said real-life miracles actually happen. 


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Type Of Vacation: Small town sanctuary 

Highlight: Historic downtown 

The small town of Carberry, Manitoba is home to a century-old Main Street in the downtown centre that holds old architecture, cute shops, and great restaurants. They also host festivals, have a casino to try your luck at, and a golf and country club!

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Travel Destinations In Quebec

Baie Saint Paul

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Type Of Vacation: Charming city escape

Highlight: Beaches and river views 

Baie Saint Paul is the perfect place to escape the city lights and experience a charming town located right beside the Saint Lawrence River. You can find unique boutiques to peruse, stunning views of nature, beaches to relax on and amazing restaurants to test out. This town is also famous for being the birthplace of Cirque du Soleil! 


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Type Of Vacation: Nature adventure 

Highlight: Natural landscape views

Kamouraska is located along the Saint Lawrence bay and is home to some stunning natural landscape views that you're not going to want to miss. They also have tons of options for fun outdoor adventures like ziplining, kayaking and gorgeous piers to walk along. They also have a town core with cute boutiques and restaurants.

Morin Heights 

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Type Of Vacation: Ski destination with serene nature 

Highlight: Sommet Morin Heights

In the winter months, Morin Heights is a bustling ski destination with amazing hills, but during the fall and summer months you can find gorgeous hiking trails and serene views from the top. Not only is there tons of places to experience nature you can also relax in their numerous spas! 


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Type Of Vacation: Nature oasis 

Highlight: The historic Petite Maison Blanche

If you love everything to do with nature and exploring what the province of Quebec has to offer, Chicoutimi is the place for you to visit! They're home to the historic Petite Maison Blanche where visitors can learn all about Quebec's history. Wander through the town on sightseeing tours, explore hiking paths, and so much more.

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Travel Destinations In Prince Edward Island

North Rustico 

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Type Of Vacation: Charming harbour experience

Highlight: The freshest lobster in the province

North Rustico is known for it's lobster fishing, guaranteeing you receive some of the freshest lobster meals in the entire province! Try a seafood lunch at the Blue Mussel Cafe and then stroll along the boardwalk for shimmering seaside views. You can also spend the day relaxing on a white sandy beach by the boardwalk. 

Victoria By The Sea

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Type Of Vacation: Quaint seaside experience

Highlight: Victoria Seaport Museum 

Victoria By The Sea not only has the prettiest town name in all of PEI but it's also home to the most classic looking Canadian lighthouse, the Victoria Seaport Museum. It's located right on the water and makes for the perfect PEI picture. This town is also home to PEI's biggest tree, the American Elm tree! 


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Type Of Vacation: Unique shopping with ocean views 

Highlight: Spinnakers Landing 

Summerside is home to the prettiest waterfront marketplace called Spinnakers Landing, with cute boutiques, sweets shops, cafes, and restaurants! There's beautiful beaches to relax on and tons of outdoor activities to take part in during your stay.


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Type Of Vacation: Historic adventure

Highlight The Confederation Bridge

Borden-Carleton is the first town you reach after passing over the historic Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick into PEI. The bridge was made back in 1997 after PEI agreed to join the confederation in 1873. You can go hiking along the Appalachian trail and relax on Chelton Beach! 

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Travel Destinations In Saskatchewan


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Type Of Vacation: Trendy shopping and rolling hills

Highlight: Northern lights 

Lumsden is the perfect place to see the Northern Lights in Saskatchewan on a clear evening! This trendy little town is also home to super cute boutiques to entertain you while you shop till you drop. They also have an amazing restaurant, Lumsden Valley Restaurant, to chow down when you've finished your shopping spree.

Maple Creek

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Type Of Vacation: Historic exploration

Highlight: Fort Walsh

Fort Walsh is the historic site located in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan that dates back to the late 1800s where RCMP officers roamed to protect the country from illegal whiskey trading. This little town is also home delectable restaurants and cafes to spend your days eating and chilling!


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Type Of Vacation: Relaxing getaway

Highlight: Lake Diefenbaker

Elbow is one of Saskatchewan's best lakeside towns with a sandy beach to relax on and sand dunes! Wander their stunning marina, try out fishing on the lake, or attend one of their many festivals during the year.


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Type Of Vacation: Historic exploration

Highlight: T-Rex Discovery Centre

Eastend, Saskatchewan looks like it would be home to hundreds of dinosaurs if we were back in the Mesozoic era. It's actually called Dino Country because it's home to the T-Rex Discovery Centre which holds the remains of a T-Rex that was found there. Hike up to Jones Peak for stunning views of Dino Country in all it's beauty!

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Travel Destinations In British Columbia


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Type Of Vacation: Historic and artsy city escape

Highlight: 350 heritage buildings

That's right, Nelson, British Columbia is home to 350 heritage buildings making it a gorgeous town to explore! The town core holds tons of cute cafes, fun boutiques, and an amazing arts scene. 


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Type Of Vacation: Immersion in nature

Highlight: Canadian Rocky Mountains

If you're looking for a small town that is located literally at the base of the famous Rocky Mountains, this is it! This mining town is filled with charm, decorated heritage buildings and is the perfect place to explore the great outdoors. Spend your days hiking, biking, fishing and more!

Mayne Island

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Type Of Vacation: Cozy getaway 

Highlight: Lakeside cottages

The perfect way to escape the bustling city is to take a trip out to Mayne Island by ferry. You can rent an adorable cottage on the lake and spend your days swimming, relaxing and becoming one with nature!


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Type Of Vacation: Boozy getaway 

Highlight: The vineyards

Kelowna is home to some of British Columbia's best vineyards, giving you the perfect boozy vacation that you deserve. This town is located right on Okanagan Lake where you can find scenic vineyards, hiking trails and so much more.

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Travel Destinations In Nova Scotia


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Type Of Vacation: Charming seaside getaway

Highlight: Dining on the harbour 

Shelburne is a cute fishing town that's home to just 1600 people and sits on the southwest shore of Nova Scotia. It's a popular destination in the summer, but the fall months are just as gorgeous. See the largest marine railway in North America, explore art galleries and museums, and enjoy a fresh seafood meal on the harbour. 


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Type Of Vacation: Small town adventure 

Highlight: Shopping on Main Street

Wolfville is home to Acadia University so it is one of the larger towns with around 4200 residents. You can stay in one of the charming Victorian homes that have been remade into bed and breakfast like the Blomidon Inn, wander through the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens, and shop, drink coffee and eat amazing food along Main Street!

Mahone Bay 

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Type Of Vacation: Sightseeing wonderland 

Highlight: Wooden boat building 

Mahone Bay is located on the northwest shore and will give you an amazing sightseeing experience. This town is known for it's beautiful harbour views along the South Shore, it's historic wooden boat building, and streets with upscale shopping and restaurants. Enjoy fun festivals year-round, stay in a cozy inn, and relax and recharge in one of their numerous spas.


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Type Of Vacation: Historic experience 

Highlight: Colourful waterfront 

The Old Town of Lunenbourg is a UNESCO World Heritage site because of it's narrow streets, unique architecture and colourful buildings along it's shimmering waterfront. This town is also home to the famous Bluenose Schooner, a replica of fishing boat that became famous. Wander through museums, numerous art galleries and shops, and go for a wine tasting at one of their vineyards!

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Travel Destinations In Alberta

Black Diamond

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Type Of Vacation: Historic experience

Highlight: ​​​​​​Bob Lochhead Lions Memorial Park

This historic town in Alberta is named after the coal they used to mine. This place is super cute and will feel like you just walked into a retro 50s movie set. 


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Type Of Vacation: Breathtaking mountain views 

Highlight: Jasper National Park

If you want to experience Alberta for all of it's natural beauty, you should visit Jasper National Park! You'll see stunning mountains, flowing waterfalls, and amazing wildlife that you can't see anywhere else in Canada.


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Type Of Vacation: Tranquil escape

Highlight: Big Rock Glacial Erratic 

Okotoks is just 30 minutes outside of Calgary, Alberta, and as per their slogan there are 'a number of things to do in Okotoks'. One of the main things you should see here is the Big Rock Glacial Erratic which is a giant rock that was moved by glaciers during the last ice age, about 30,000 years ago from Jasper National Park to Okotoks. 

Waterton Park

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Type Of Vacation: Nature adventure

Highlight: Waterton Lakes National Park 

Waterton is known for it's stunning mountains, running rivers, and abundant hiking trails that will make this trip worth it. Follow a trail through to the peaks of the Rocky Mountains and be rewarded with breathtaking views of the town's landscape. 

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Travel Destinations In New Brunswick

St. Andrews By-The-Sea 

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Type Of Vacation: Quaint getaway 

Highlight: Whale watching 

This super cute town in New Brunswick is home to only 2,000 residents but it ranked #1 on USA Today's list of best destinations in Canada. The town is filled with over 280 historic buildings built before 1880, it's the perfect spot to go whale watching on the ocean, and you can take a day trip to the Bay Of Fundy which is close by! 


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Type Of Vacation: Unique sightseeing 

Highlight: Giant Lobster 

Shediac is known as the "Lobster Capital of the World" so naturally, they have a giant lobster statue to celebrate this fact. You can take pictures the the giant lobster, eat as much fresh lobster as you can handle, and even attend a massive lobster festival in July!


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Type Of Vacation: Riverside relaxation

Highlight: Saint John River

This cute little town is nestled right next to the Saint John River and has everything you could want for a small town getaway. There's museums, shopping, birdwatching and tons of restaurants to choose from!


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Type Of Vacation: Charming seaside escape

Highlight: Bas-Caraquet beach

The town of Caraquet is the perfect place to visit if you want to unwind by the sea. They have classic lighthouses, sandy beaches, Acadian festivals, and so much more!

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Travel Destinations In Ontario

Grand Bend

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Type Of Vacation: Beach weekend 

Highlight: Pinery Provincial Park

The town of Grand Bend is known for it's amazing beach and waterfront. It's located right on the shores of Lake Huron so you can expect amazing weather and relaxation! There's also tons of places to shop, cute farmers markets, historic sites and so much more.

Port Hope

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Type Of Vacation: Bustling town vibes

Highlight: Downtown Port Hope

Port Hope is located on the north side of Lake Ontario and has a whole lot to offer visitors. There's multiple waterfront trails, tons of historic buildings and cute cafes and restaurants all over downtown. You might recognize some of the locations around town where the famous "IT" movie was filmed this year!


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Type Of Vacation: Small town exploring 

Highlight: Goderich beach

Goderich, Ontario was once voted the prettiest town in Canada by Queen Elizabeth 2nd, so you can imagine the charm that this cute spot has! The town sits on a hill overlooking Lake Huron, there's a sandy beach, and tons of shops and restaurants near the central square.


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Type Of Vacation: Picturesque city escape

Highlight: Wineries 

The town of Niagra-On-The-Lake is so picturesque you won't be able to stop yourself from taking photos at every turn. This town is best known for it's numerous wineries and breweries so you can spend the majority of your time testing the best wines on vineyard tours. The other half you can spend exploring all the quaint shops in town!

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