Alberta may not have the ocean like our coastal neighbours, but we still love a day on the water. Nothing says relaxation like a float down the river on a sunny day. Luckily, this province is filled with beautiful rivers for you to enjoy. We've rounded up some of the best Alberta lazy rivers that you should add to your bucket list for a day when you just need a little float. 

According to this year's forecast, Alberta is not only going to feel quite warm, but it might also even face droughts. So it's probably a good idea to stick close to the water. 

From the North Saskatchewan River in Devon to Elbow River in Bragg Creek, these rivers could give you a whole newfound appreciation for Alberta's flora and fauna. 

There aren't many provinces that can overtake Alberta in terms of breathtaking natural scenes. We have the snow-capped mountains, the emerald-blue lakes, the wild badlands, and, of course, the rivers. 

On top of river-rafting, canoeing, and fishing, which all require a little bit of physical exertion, you can just grab a floaty or a dingey and make your way down the river. 

As easy as that sounds, don't forget to take the necessary safety precautions. Always wear a life jacket while on the water. And it doesn't hurt to have a whistle on the float, either. Don't forget, drinking on the river in Alberta is illegal

Be safe, be smart, kick back, and have fun!

Elbow River

Address: Bragg Creek, Rocky View Country, AB

Why You Need To Go: Experience the phenomenal views of the mountains as you make your way down the river. You can access the river from three locations in Bragg Creek: the Balsam bridge, the Trading Post, or the Provincial Park.  

South Saskatchewan River

Address: East On Holsom Rd., Echo Dale Regional Park-East, Medicine Hat, AB

Why You Need To Go: Floating away on these chill waters will be the ultimate refreshment on those dry, hot days. You can also opt to go camping by the store. The view of Medicine Hat's downtown isn't too shabby either. 

McLeod River

Address: Woodlands County, AB

Why You Need To Go: This smooth river, which cuts through a thick forest, will keep you feeling calm and stress-free the whole way through. You can approach the river from multiple points along West Mountain Road. It should 2.5 hours approximately to float down the length of the river. 

Milk River

Address: Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, AB

Why You Need To Go: If you want to see historical rock structures during your floating adventure, this should be at the top of your bucket list. The water flow can get rugged, so you should check the river status here before heading out. This river runs right through the park, so you will get all the views. 

North Saskatchewan River

Address: Voyageur Park, Saskatchewan Ave., Devon, AB

Why You Need To Go: The wide, serene waters of the North Saskatchewan River are known to be the ultimate haven for a range of river-based activities, including tubing, swimming and boating. You can also find picnic tables, fire pits, sand areas, and a gazebo on the banks. All of this counts as a recipe for a perfect day. 

Red Deer River

Address: Discovery Canyon, 3800 Riverbend Dr., Red Deer, AB  

Why You Need To Go: Whether you want to savour the quiet waters by yourself or avail a treasure trove of floats for your crew, this canyon is the perfect setting for floating away from the stress. There is also a concession stand nearby, so you can munch on snacks as you slide away. 

Pembina River

Address: 53217 Range Rd., 74 A, Entwistle, AB

Why You Need To Go: As you go riding through the gentle river on your float, you will be able to see a 62-meter gorge and even some wild animals lurking in the park. Pembina River Tubing is the go-to service in this area; they offer life jackets, key security, and even shuttle service. You'll be fully satisfied and safe on your float trip. 

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