One of Canada's airlines is getting ambitious with its 2020 outlook. Air Transat's winter schedule is set to include 40 destinations. Some of them are tropical locations that might start to look more attractive when the snow returns.

In an August 4 news release, Air Transat said that it will gradually add destinations to its winter schedule starting on November 1.

The majority of direct flights will be from Toronto and Montreal, with some operating out of Quebec City as well.

Travellers will also be able to fly straight from Halifax, Hamilton, London, Moncton, and Ottawa to other destinations.

Canadians will finally get the chance to visit the kinds of places that often look the most appealing in the winter months.

Direct flights will take travellers right to places like Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica.

European destinations will also be on the list for anyone who is still looking to take that delayed trip this year. 

Canadians can fly straight from Montreal to Spain, France, and Portugal, or from Toronto to Portugal and the United Kingdom.

There will even be flights to Florida, with Air Transat offering trips to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.

While it may seem impossible due to the border closure, a loophole still allows Canadians to fly to the United States, according to CBC News.

Anyone planning on making those trips, however, should note that the state of Florida is still dealing with a large COVID-19 outbreak.

Domestic flights between Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal will also be operating during this time.

Despite the planned addition of all of these potential destinations, Air Transat notes that its flight schedule is subject to change.

The airline recently cancelled all of its trips from Western Canada to sunny destinations as well as the United States. These routes are set to remain closed from November 1 to April 30.

The airline had previously halted its flight schedule, but resumed summer service on July 23.

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