Every Albertan knows how gorgeous Abraham lake gets in the winter, but to truly appreciate this gem in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, you'll want to see it in person. After several weeks of cold weather, you might be wishing for the arrival of spring. But there is more to winter than just shovelling snow and worrying about frostbite. The below zero temperatures also transform Canada into a frosty wonderland. Alberta's frozen lakes are one of the many reasons why we love winter in this province.

Located between Jasper and Banff National Park of Canada, Abraham Lake has been luring travellers from across the globe with its unique look. 

It's a hidden gem that is worth the drive from Calgary. Plus, you can check out nearby attractions like Ice Magic at Lake Louise.

What makes the magical human-made lake different from the average ice-hockey pond are the ethereal bubbles beneath the surface. The methane gas in the lake solidifies to form frosty gems.

Thanks to the record-breaking temperatures, we can expect Abraham Lake to be covered in a thick sheet of ice. So, if the below-average weather continues, there will be ideal conditions for photographing the trapped pockets of gas. 

The exact time you can see the lake's unique feature depends on Mother Nature.

Plus, there are a ton of guided tours where professionals can get you to this unreal lake easily.

They're perfect if you're not the outdoorsy type but still want to check out the lake bubbles.

The surrounding mountains, surreal bubbles and icy hues of blue make this place absolutely breathtaking.


If you want a close up-close view of it all, then you can spend a day exploring.

Be careful as the ice conditions can be unpredictable, and you need to be sure it is thick enough to walk on.

To appreciate this special spot in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, you'll want to see it in person. 

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