Hiking is one of the top things we love to do in BC. Getting out in nature doesn't really cost a thing and we're always chasing the best waterfalls, lakes and mountain views! Rather than go on a crowded hike to the Squamish Chief or Grouse Grind this summer, why not go on a road trip to a hike that will take you over canyons and through cool tunnels? BC's Myra Canyon Trestle trail is one of the top places in the province to go for an easy hike.

Since it's a well-maintained part of the historic Kettle Valley Railway, you get sweeping views without much effort. If you are planning a trip to Kelowna this summer, then you have to fit this hike in between your winery stops!

You'll wander through two darkened abandoned train tunnels on this trail. Plus, there are over 18 trestle bridges to walk over that will give you spectacular views of the canyon. Roundtrip, the trail is 24 KM long but you don't have to go the full length of the trail.

There's not much coverage on the trail save for the time you'll spend in the tunnels so be sure to bring an appropriate amount of sunscreen and a hat! The trail is very gravelly so bring hiking shoes if you can or at least sturdy sneakers.

The Myra Canyon Trestles trail in Kelowna about a five-hour drive from Vancouver. There are even tours that will shuttle you up there from downtown Kelowna and rent you some bikes. This is a great, flat trail for hiking and biking and it has to be on your summer bucket list.

Myra Canyon Trestles

Address: Kettle Valley Rail Trail, Kelowna, BC V0H 1N0

Why you need to go: Bike, hike or wander this incredible trail that will take you past farms and vineyards, over trestle bridges and through abandoned train tunnels


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