I'm probably on the biased side, but Alberta is one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada. We're known for our gorgeous Rocky Mountains, glaciers and amazing ability to snow at any point throughout the year.

Apart from our mountains, glaciers, and snow, Alberta has many small towns that deserve some recognition. We've compiled a list of a few of Alberta's cute little towns & hamlets that are definitely worth the visit.

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Lake Louise

Located inside Banff National Park, Lake Louise is a hamlet that is a popular tourist spot. Contrary to popular belief, Lake Louise is the home to more than just beautiful mountains and deep blue water. They actually have... a mall.

Lake Louise Must-Visit: Samson Mall

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Peace River, Alberta

Peace River, also known as Mighty Peace, is a small town located 2 hours northeast of Grande Prairie, Alberta. The town is filled with nature's beauty and will definitely leave you with a sense of serenity. The town is pretty peaceful if you ask me. (Horrible pun definitely intended.)

Peace River Must-Visit: Sagitawa Lookout

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Black Diamond, Alberta

The town of Black Diamond is located about 45 minutes southwest of Calgary. A beautiful historic town named after the coal that was once mined in it that will definitely give you retro 50's vibes.

Black Diamond Must-Visit: Marv's Classic Soda Shop.

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Nanton, Alberta

Nanton is a small town located about 45 minutes south of Calgary with a population of 2,132 (2011). Much like Black Diamond, Nanton gives you quite the "old town" vibe. With many unique attractions like the Bomber Command Museum of Canada and the Antique and Art Walk of Canada - Nanton is the perfect small town for a historic day trip.

Nanton Must-Visit: Nanton Candy Store

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Bon Accord, Alberta

Bon Accord is a small town located about 40 minutes north of Edmonton, Alberta. Bon Accord recently took on the title of Canada's first official Dark Sky Community. So, take some time to acknowledge the beauty night's sky in Bon Accord.

Bon Accord Must-Visit: Jurassic Forest

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High River, Alberta

Located 45 minutes south of Calgary, High River holds a population over 12,000 residents. From Museums, to historical murals, to delicious bar & grills, High River definitely deserves a spot on your "small-town-tour" itinerary.

High River Must Visit: High River Balloon Festival

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Legal, Alberta

Located approximately 45 minutes northwest of Edmonton, Legal is a small town with a population of 1,225 (2011). Legal has strong francophone roots as it was established as Francophone community. With a total of 28 murals, Legal is well known for the fact that it is the French Mural Capital of Canada.

Legal Must-Visit: Legal French Murals

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St. Paul, Alberta

Located about 2 hours northeast of Edmonton, St. Paul is a small town that's out of this world. St. Paul is well-known for its extra-terrestrial landmark: The World's First UFO Landing Pad. *cue sci-fi music*

St Paul Must-Visit: World's First UFO Landing Pad

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Okotoks, Alberta

There are a number of things to do in Okotoks. Located about 30 minutes south of Calgary, Okotoks is the town that...well... there are a number of things to do in. (I promise the town isn't nearly as bland as its slogan.)

Okotoks Must-Visit: Big Rock Glacial Erratic

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Banff, Alberta

Banff is a small town located about 90 minutes west of Calgary. Known for it's beautiful National Park, it's quite obvious why anyone would want to visit Banff. (Just look at those mountains)

Banff Must-Visit: Banff Ave

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Waterton Park, Alberta

Waterton Park is located about 3 hours south of Calgary, bordering Montana, USA. Known for it's beautiful mountains, rivers, and amazing hikes in its National Park, Waterton is definitely an Alberta must-visit. (Especially if you've got a love for hiking.)

Waterton Must-Visit: Waterton Lakes National Park

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Jasper, Alberta

Located about 4 hours west of Edmonton, lies the beautiful Rocky Mountain town of Jasper. Much like Lake Louise, Banff, and Waterton, Jasper is a popular tourist area due to its location inside its National Park. If you've got a love for the rockies, Jasper is the place to be.

Jasper Must-Visit: Jasper SkyTram

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