It happens every year. We all say "omg we have to do that this summer!!" and then we end up spending the summer in front of the TV re-watching Friends for the 6th time. Not this year. This is the year where we finally take charge of our lives and complete everything we wanted to do (and even things we never thought we would do).

Here's a list of 31 bucket list items you totally have to knock off this summer. Some of these are pretty epic. If you complete this list, you'll look back at your summer and realize how freaking amazing it was. So get cracking folks, there's only a few months left:

1. Go on a sangria crawl of Edmonton with your gal pals.

Sangria is the perfect summer drink to sip outside on a patio in the warm sun. The best part is, the more sangria you have, the better it tastes!

2. Knock off skydiving from your bucket list in the Rocky Mountains.

Have you always wanted to do skydiving but have never had the guts to follow through with it? This is your time, and doing it in your home province will make it even more special!

3. Escape reality at one of Alberta's hot springs.

Everyone needs a break from the city once in a while. Good thing Alberta is bountiful with gorgeous hot springs that will make you feel just as relaxed as a sloth! 

4. Get some EPIC cocktails at Cleaver Calgary.

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This place is renowned for it's out-of-the-ordinary cocktails. With drinks that are poured over cotton candy, ones that sparkle and burn, you're bound to find one that suits your fancy and makes you feel like royalty. 

5. Spend the day rafting The Bow river with friends.

If you're from Calgary, you know that rafting the Bow is a summer activity that one must do at least once in their life. It's the perfect way to spend a hot summer day, cruising along the river in a giant raft with lots of snacks and friends!

6. Have some retail therapy at the West Edmonton Mall.

The best part about going to the largest mall in North America to do your shopping is not just the variety of stores. The best part is taking shopping breaks to go in the wave pool or on a roller coaster!

7. See the adorable pandas at the Calgary Zoo.

If you haven't already heard, the Calgary Zoo recently acquired a family of pandas from the Toronto Zoo that are on loan to Canada from China. They are seriously adorable, and are bound to cheer you up no matter what kind of mood you're in!

8. Road trip to Jasper and see the iconic Spirit Island.

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Jasper is no doubt one of the most gorgeous spots in all of Canada. This island situated on Maligne lake is one of the most photographed spots in the entire world, and it's easy to see why!

9. Explore all of the best street art spots in Calgary and have a photoshoot. 

Who says you have to venture outside of town to have an adventure? One of the best ways to make the most of a nice day is to go exploring your city for all of the coolest street art spots! You're IG will thank you. 

10. Go kayaking through the gorgeous Elk Island National Park.

Kayaking is hands down one of the most relaxing sports. Gliding through the beautiful Elk Island National Park will make you forget about any troubles you have and just appreciate nature. 

11. Conquer some beginner hikes and get all of the views. 

Whatever your hiking level is, there's bound to be a hike in Alberta that you can conquer. Whether it's more of an interpretive walk or a full on mountain summit, you will have stunning views of the Rockies! 

12. Visit the stunning Bowden SunMaze, Canada's only sunflower maze.

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This is definitely one of the most unique sights that Alberta has to offer. The sprawling fields of yellow will definitely brighten your mood, and your Instagram feed too!

13. Take a canoe out onto Lake Louise and take in the gorgeous views. 

If you live in Alberta, you've probably been to Lake Louise (if not once, then like 50 times because all of your tourist friends make you take them there). But you've never truly experienced it until you've taken a boat out onto the water and got up close and personal!

14. Take part in the wild 5k Foam Fest in Medicine Hat.

This race is probably one of the most fun 5k runs you will ever do. It's also super refreshing (since you're covered in foam a lot of the time), and a great way to get active with your friends!

15. Get your country on at the Calgary Stampede.

Did you really think we were going to make a summer bucket list and NOT include the greatest outdoor show on earth? The Stampede is definitely the most exciting two weeks of the whole year for Albertans. 

16. Go camping and cliff jumping at Castle Falls.

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At this secluded off-the-grid campsite, you are just steps away from a crystal clear river. There are also cliffs that are perfect for cliff jumping (please be careful) and perfect for slack lining! This place has it all. 

17. Bring out your inner Tarzan at the Snow Valley Aerial Park in Edmonton.

If you're dying to feel like a kid again, this suspended aerial park in Edmonton is the answer. Swing, hop, and manoeuvre your way through a series of obstacles that are dozens of feet in the air!

18. Go on a craft brewery crawl of your city with the bros.

No one loves beer like a group of broskis. So why not take the broskis out for some brewskies and support your local craft breweries while you're at it? Alberta is teaming with new and delicious craft breweries that you need to try!

19. Catch a flick in the great outdoors at Spruce Meadows' "Movies at the Meadows".

Watching a movie is definitely more fun when you're cozied up outside in blankets with fresh air and lots of snacks. This is the perfect date night activity also!

20. Have a boozy arcade night at The Rec Room.

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Bet you never thought you would get the opportunity to showcase your skee-ball talent again did you? Well here's your shot. Hopefully you're just as good with a few drinks in you!

21. Cool off with some iconic Village Ice Cream.

Nothing says summer like making your way down to Village Ice Cream and waiting in line forever just to get a taste of their delicious dessert. You're not a true Calgarian if you haven't been here!

22. Take in the beauty at Waterton Lakes National Park.

Often overshadowed by Banff and Jasper National Parks, Waterton Lakes National Park is equally (if not more) gorgeous as the others! They definitely have some of the best hikes, that's for sure. 

23. Track down some of your fav food trucks for some delicious street eats.

Is street food better than fancy restaurant food? Um, DUH. Food trucks serve up some of the most unique and delicious eats. Plus they're even more fun because you need to hunt them down first!

24. Go on that helicopter tour you've always dreamed of in the rockies 

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Imagine flying high above the gorgeous Rocky Mountains and knocking off a helicopter ride from your bucket list all at once. Sound like something you'd love? Flights range between $129 - $849, so start saving those pay checks!

25. Go glamping in Banff or Dinosaur Provincial Park.

If you love campfires and s'mores but hate bugs and sleeping bags, why not try glamping? These "comfort camping" cabins come complete with beds and stunning views. 

26. Check out the insane inflatable obstacle course on Sylvan Lake. 

It's time to bring out your inner ninja warrior for this summertime activity. Smack dab in the middle between Edmonton and Calgary is Sylvan lake, and on it is an epic inflatable obstacle course that is calling your name!

27. Venture deep down into the caves in Canmore

Hope you're not claustrophobic for this one, because you're definitely going to be caught between a rock and a hard place! Canmore Cave Tours lets you descend down into the deep caves of Canmore - an experience like no other!

28. Check out the gorgeous hidden swimming hole in Jasper with your friends. 

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This gorgeous swimming spot in Jasper is the perfect way to spend the afternoon with a bunch of your friends. With towering cliffs and rolling rock faces, you can either get wild or relax and soak up the sun! 

29. Attempt this insane burger challenge at the Canadian Brewhouse. 

If you love food (and lots of it) and are good at eating things super fast, then you might have a shot at completing the Rita Challenge at the Canadian Brewhouse. With locations in both Edmonton and Calgary, you won't have to travel far to get there!

30. Soak up the sun at one of Alberta's little known beaches

Who says that Alberta has no beaches? I beg to differ, and so does this list with a dozen of the best ones on it. Whether you want sandy and summery or rocky and mountainy, there's a beach somewhere calling your name!

31. Have a totally unique dining experience in the dark at this restaurant. 

Have you ever tried dining in complete darkness? This restaurant lets you do it, and trust me, it's an incredible experience. Once you get used to it, your senses are seriously heightened, and I swear it makes everything smell and taste better!

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